So what do the Somali pirates intend to do with the tankers of crude they have hijacked?

Two different oil tankers have been seizedby Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean in the past two days.

I can understand about other ships hijacked, that carried other types of cargo, that can be sold off piece by piece or larger chunks. But there’s a limited market for $260 million of crude oil. Are they only seeking a ransom payment from the sellers of the oil?

What’s the value of the crude cargos to the pirates?

Power over those who want it.

All this will ultmimately do is temporarily raise the price of refined products in the countries that were importing those particular cargos.

If I had just read further in the article. I could have answered my own question:

For shippers and producers, it appears that it has become the cost of doing business in the region. Until they quit paying the ransoms, it will continue.