So what DOES happen when you mix Pop Rocks and soda?

Just curious-does it make for greater fizz, or start you foaming at the mouth?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Nobody knows. Doesn’t that tell you anything?



On a related note:

We have some of those Airborne cold prevention tablets that you throw in water and let dissolve. They’re kind of like Alkaseltzer except they have a slightly sweet fruit flavoe to them.
When you throw them in the water they just fizz like mad and when I touched my tongue to one it immediately started to fizz.
Is there any harm in giving one to someone as a joke telling them it’s candy?

Check out the Snopes article on it.

Without knowing what exactly is in the tablets, generally speaking yes it’s a terrible idea to give someone any form of medicine without informing them.

Airborne contains nothing but vitamins and assorted nutriceuticals, including, but not limited to, Vitamins A, C and E; Riboflavin; Magnesium; Zinc; Selenium; Manganese; Sodium; Potassium; Amino Acids; An Herbal Extract Blend, which includes Echinacea, Maltodextrin and Forsythia.

Hardly qualifies as “medicine”, IMO.

I wouldn’t give fizzy effervescent tablets to someone as a joke without telling them they were gonna fizz, mainly because some people freak when they get weird unexpected stuff going on in their mouths, and you wouldn’t want your friend to choke and possibly inhale the foamy mess.

I would tend to agree in this instance it probably wouldn’t do any harm but I stand by the general notion of not giving someone medicine without their knowledge. Agree also about the fizzy issue.

Trust me, this is true.

After having heard the “Mikey” rumor about Pop Rocks and soda being lethal, my adventurous brother had to experiment on himself by downing the deadly duo.

Nothing happened to him except a gassy stomach and a lot of burping and farting. He ruined a nice t-shirt, too, since the grape-flavored Pop Rocks foam overflowed his spittlecatcher and landed on his shirt, staining it purple.

Well, I tried it. NOTHING happened. Nothing. No extra fizz, no excessive belching, nothing.

If anything, the pop made the candy LESS fizzy.

(Would it being diet have anything to do with it?)


Mythbusters tried it, too, and nothing happened. It was an eerily disturbing experimental setup, though, involving a fake human skeleton and a pig stomach.


No, I was just hoping I’d get a mouthful of foam, and this major popping sensation in my mouth. Dammit.

Like pinkfreud’s brother. Dammit, that sucked.
I DID hear about a little girl who ate them in ice cream, (Baskin-Robbins) and because they were frozen, they didn’t disolve until hours later, giving her HORRIBLE gas pains. Poor thing.

A few years ago, my sister was visiting me and we went shopping. For some reason that I can no longer recall, the topic of Pop Rocks came up and I told her I’d never tried them. She told me they were good, so we found some.
We were in a silly mood, so we had the idea, “Hey, let’s get some soda, too, heh heh.” So we placed them together on the conveyor belt at the check-out line, thinking ourselves so witty.
We tried the mixture and, similar to your experience, Guinastasia, the soda made the candy less poppy. We were really disappointed.
The good news is, we now have an inside joke about Pop Rocks (we’re twins, so everything turns into an inside joke). I sent her Pop Rocks for our birthday one time.

Echinacea interferes with the proper function of some heart medications. “Death” usually isn’t the punchline you’re looking for.

I think this is the kind of reaction the OP was looking for.

If you liked the original, here is the sequel.

Mentos and Diet Coke.

necessary anecdote:

One time my wife and I were traveling from point A to point B with a stopover in Las Vegas. We had a little bit of time there so I figured “Hey I think I’ll have a beer to make the trip a little more tolerable.” First though, I had some acid in my stomach so I asked my wife for two (apparently red colored) Tums.

The bartender asked “Do you want the 16 Oz beer or the 32 Oz beer?”

I thought “Gee I have some time, I’ll have the 32 Oz beer.”

Most of the beer went down OK, but as I got towards the end I felt sick. I felt nauseous. I had a bit left in the beer and I could not help but spit up some foam into it. Something was clearly wrong in my opinion but I dare not tell my wife. We decided it was time to go. As we left the bar my stomach exploded out my mouth. There was no aspect of control I had. Red foam spewed out my mouth and people were saying “Oh my God!”

We decided to get outa there quick! We caught our flight and acted like we did nothing. I will never again mix Tums and beer.