So what episode of Friends is this?

A guy Monica is seeing decides not to go out with her any more. When she asks him why he says her friends are ok, its her he doesn’t like, while all the time she likes him but the rest of the friends don’t. Just wondering the name and season of the episode.


I’m pretty sure that was a very early episode (probably first season). You can find episode guides here and here.

Actually, reading your description again, I’m either thinking of the wrong episode, or you’ve got it backwards. The episode I’m thinking of has the guy saying he can’t stand Monica’s friends, even though they all like him a lot.

We have a winner: the episode I’m thinking of (and which I think you’re thinking of) is number three of the first season: the one with the thumb.

Ah indeed it is, thank you Short Guy. I actually had a guide book to Friends in front of me too, I’d gone straight past that one even though its mentioned is in the first few lines of the episode summary :rolleyes: