So what exactly are the current suspension/banning rules?

This inspired by Kobal2’s suspension (which I think is an absolute disgrace), but there is already a thread on that debacle; this thread is to ask the Mods a couple of questions about suspension/banning

What are your current policies on this issue? The poster in question had two warnings (and for the sake of argument say they were justified) four months apart. Otherwise he was in good standing.

Earlier on to get a suspension you needed either a series of warnings/mod notes in quick succession or have a long term pattern of misbehavior. Is it a “two warning” and out rule now?

Is it based upon ratio of bad posts to total posts? Mod in question having a bad hairday?

As Jonathan Chance indicated, the matter of Kobal2 is currently under discussion. One of the factors involved was the severity of the most recent offense, which in effect implied that another poster was a vicious racist.

For the record, Kobal2 has more than two warnings. He has four within the past 15 months, and six in all. While older warnings have less impact, getting four warnings in a little over a year is not a good thing.

We have not changed our policy on suspensions or bannings. There is no fixed number of warnings and no fixed time frame over which they occur that will earn one. These are determined on a case by case basis after discussion by the mods. We take into account the severity of the offense as well as the general behavior of the poster in determining what to impose.

Since the matter is under review, and this is likely to become a rehash of the other thread, I am closing this pending a decision.