So, what happened to Tai Lung?

Spoilers, duh.

So at the end of movie, Po has Tai Lung in the Wushi Finger Hold. Tai Lung recognizes the hold, and panics, exclaiming that Shifu didn’t teach it to him and he was bluffing. Po says that he figured it out, and then with a Skidoosh!, he drops the pinky. It pans back, and we see a wash of golden light engulf the village.

So what happened to Tai Lung?

See, the way I figure it, the Wushi Finger Hold was like the Dragon Scroll and Secret Ingredient Soup. There was no secret ingredient, it was so fearsome because everyone believed it was so fearsome. The way Shifu plays it up when he’s using it on Po is a bit of a giveaway.

So what happens when Po finishes the hold? Is it really a powerful hold that does unspeakable things to the victim when used? Do unspeakable things happen because the victim thinks they will? Did Po wait for Tai Lung to cringe in fear when he moved his pinky and then snap his neck and bury him in a shallow grave back behind the noodle shop when he wasn’t looking?

Or am I missing a point somewhere?

He probably * became * the secret ingredient.

Lung soup, now on the menu.

I’ve heard that after the explosion (or whatever it is) you do see Tai Lung getting hauled away in chains or something in the background. You have to watch closely I guess. I haven’t gone back and watched it again to see, though.

Really? Huh. I’ve seen it a few times and never noticed. I’ll have to watch it again I guess.

Tai Lung achieved one-ness with the universe. :smiley:

I saw nothing like that, and haven’t heard it reported. The official (to the extent there was anything official) answer is tha they left it semi-blank in case they wanted a sequel. It was definitely a “What the Hell, Hero?!” moment, too. The credits imply he came back to do battle some more.