So what happened with the German fusion reactor

It got turned on today, but I am not seeing if it works as planned.

Does it remain stable for a half hour or more ? Does it net produce energy affordably? If so, how long until they can manufacture them for industrial usage?

So far, they maintained a helium plasma for 0.1 seconds (which was the goal at this point). I’m not sure what the schedule is for ramping that up to 30 minutes, but that article says they will start using hydrogen in January, so presumably before that.

This device isn’t designed to produce net energy, it is simply a prototype to show that the design works. It will be a long time before they can get net energy out (if ever).

About 30 years, I believe. :wink:

They’re using helium to test it at the moment because it won’t fuse. They’ll start trying to fuse hydrogen next year.

You jest, of course, but they really do have a clear timetable laid out for those 30 years, and so far they really are keeping to it. But of course “30 years” depends on funding continuing for all that time, just like it always has every time everyone’s said it, and just like it never has.