So, what movies are safe to LIKE these days?

Inspired by B-12 or whatever his name is and his thread about BWP:

I didn’t hate Blair Witch. I didn’t find it especially great, but I didn’t think it sucked…it was a cool concept. I thought Armageddon was good…I bawled for pretty much the last half of it. American Beauty is the best movie I’ve ever seen. I didn’t see the new Star Wars, I chose Austin Powers 2 and The Sixth Sense instead.

Could someone please tell me the rules for what movies are “right” and which ones are “wrong”? It’s pretty lonely being the only person in the room who doesn’t have an opinion on the proper way to make another Batman sequel and the only person in the world who just saw the Star Wars Trilogy for the first time this summer.

I so wish to be as educated and discriminating about “good cinema” as the rest of the TMs… someone, anyone, PLEASE…tell me what to like!!

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Like what you like. See what you want. Avoid what you hate. And tell the rest of us to go to hell. :wink:

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Fuck 'em.

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Well, sure, they’d enjoy that, but can you solve all problems with prostitution?


What, you’re making them pay now ?

Whoring, then?

Chris, I’ve got to go with the other responders. Watch what you like to watch. Some of my favorite movies are ones that many people think of as “bad”. {Fandango starring Kevin Costner is a good example.} Furthermore, I don’t just like them because they’re bad, like Plan 9 from Outer Space. I enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed.

That said, do take the time to catch some examples of good cinema on occassion. Watch them with an open mind, and don’t just write them off because they’re not what you usually enjoy. It’s very enriching.

Now excuse me. I’m off to see The World is Not Enough. Somehow, I don’t think anyone’s going to be taking home any Oscars for it, though.

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Punch Bill Gates

I’m come to the conclusion that being comercially successful, and liked by more thn two people in any room make a movie terrible, pandering, and base. In short, fuck 'em, anyone who feels to strongly about others opinions isn’t worth listening to, he/she is just into negativity.

Chris, just because I agree with MrKnowItAll doesn’t mean I should see American Beauty if I don’t wanna, okay?


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