So what shortages are you personally seeing?

Of course, toilet paper was a big one in the beginning (though I’m seeing it back on the shelves lately.

But what also seems to be short.

I’m seeing the canned soup aisle usually has big holes in it.

It’s even harder to get tuna.

But one thing I haven’t seen in months is liverwurst. My wife loves it, but the grocery and our local deli can’t get it. I suspect that, with issues with meat distribution, it’s not popular enough, so manufacturers are moving to other things.

What odd shortages have you noticed?

One store I frequently use seems to have trouble keeping ramen on the shelf.

Disinfectant wipes are passing into the realm of myth and legend everywhere in my area.

Haven’t really paid a lot of mind to items I don’t usually buy, and those are the only things that I’ve really noticed.

Fiber supplements like Metamucil are in short supply here.

Also, you know that stuff you spray on your shower to prevent soap scum from building up? It’s nowhere to be found in my town. Amazon has it, but at absurdly inflated prices.

Bleach is still hard to get around here. I’ve seen some odd brand names I’ve never seen before. I think it’s from Mexico.
Seems to be regular bleach. I’m not brand name crazy about bleach.

Plenty of toilet paper.

Common sense still seems to be in short supply in some areas.

That’s life in general.

I really miss that stuff. Now instead of squirting that stuff around I have to get down on my knees to scrub the tub.

Every week I come home from shopping at Aldi missing something different on my shopping list. I can overlook spot shortages of meat and produce, but you know how their cases of stuff would have 18 regular items and six low-fat, or 12 chocolate and 12 vanilla? Now it’s all a single type, and if you want the low-fat or vanilla version, well, better luck next week.

Rubbing alcohol has been consistently missing.

A lot of other stuff has been coming and going. Liverwurst was missing one time, back the next time I was there. Flours seem to be chronically short, though not missing entirely. Baking soda was unavailable last week; so were the large jugs of white vinegar. Canned pink salmon has been missing for several weeks. Sometimes I’m not sure whether something’s an ordinary momentarily-low shelf or whether it’s the next You Won’t See This Again For A While.

Baking staples (flour, sugar, baking soda, etc.) are still in short supply at my grocery stores, and it’s only been in the past few weeks that my primary store has had any flour at all. And, disinfectant wipes and sprays are still essentially non-existent. Also, certain OTC meds (like acetaminophen) can still be a bit scarce.

Paper products are finally fairly plentiful again, though it helps if you aren’t terribly fussy about brand. Same for hand sanitizer gel – I haven’t seen Purell in months, though my stores have lots of bottles of sanitizer from brands I’d never heard of before.

Mesophilic cultures and Calcium Chloride. Oddly enough, rennet is easily available in most grocery stores. If folks had started making cheese when they ran out of yeast, rennet would have been the first thing that would have disappeared.

This is a weird one but … size 10 knickers. Seriously, I’ve been into K-mart on three separate occasions, and they have EVERY other size each time (this is cheapo five-packs … I’m sure the expensive match-your-bra styles still have All The Sizes)

Hand-weights are also still nowhere to be seen. Though a little bird did tell me they get new stocks in every Wednesday, but the vultures have cleaned 'em out by evening.

I was afraid for insulin shortages but it’s not been the case. So far.
I use the little alcohol prep pads to change my pump every few days. Those are not available. My diabetic clinic sent me a huge box, tho.

Been trying to buy a new lawnmower for a few weeks. The shelves aren’t bare, but are sparse with limited choices. Workers at HD/Lowes tell me they’re selling out quickly in the midrange models. High end and commercial grade models are stacking up out back and on sale.

I’m assuming this means a lot of folks decided to end their lawn service and do their own. I’m half a mind to visit a few pawn shops and see if I can pick up a cheap ZTR.

I rarely see shortages up here in Toronto anymore. There are signs in the soft drink aisle that aluminum shortages are restricting the bottlers to their major brands/flavours so some varieties are out of stock.

When it comes to sanitizer, instead of seeing 1-2 big names, I’m seeing 20 unknown brands but they are available.

Pepper spray – the self defense stuff. I got bitten by a dog last week and decided to get a new small can for hiking and biking and replace the old cans in the house and car. Got three emails from Amazon in the past two days updating my expected shipping date. Walmart and other local stores have none and the manufacturer (Sabre) isn’t even accepting orders.

Toilet paper is back at my store, it’s been available at every visit for a month or more. But don’t try picking up bleach or those clorox/lysol moist towel things. Also, paper coffee filters are hit and miss.

I must be reading too much archaeology lately as I misread this as “Mesolithic cultures”.

Ah. That one is expected this time of year. It’s canning season; vinegar is nearly impossible to find if you don’t get to the store in the morning after it’s stocked. I’d be elbows-deep in cukes and mason jars right now if I hadn’t been so lazy this year.

I can’t seem to get my hands on concentrated Lysol disinfectant cleaner. Oh, and Taco Bell Green Sauce (I don’t remember the real name, other than “snot sauce” but I don’t think that’s the technical name.) There’s only one store around here that sells it and they’ve been out since April.

Times are hard when you can’t get TB snot sauce.

People do a lot of canning around here also, but I’ve never before been unable to buy large jugs of both white and cider vinegar at any time of year or time of day.

(When I make pickles, I use cider vinegar. The white is for cleaning purposes. I know some people do use the white for pickles.)

Especially if you look at TB and automatically think 'tuberculosis". I really wouldn’t think there’d be much demand for the stuff.

I based my comment on my local Walmart…which has no basis for how things are in the real world, because my local Walmart has never been very good about keeping anything stocked. I concede the point to you.

[Really OT and you don’t have to answer here, but do you use cider vinegar for dill pickles, too? I use it for bread and butter but I’ve always used white for dill.]