So what shortages are you personally seeing?

I happened to run into the manager of my local grocery store yesterday, and asked about alcohol which I haven’t found in that store forever. I asked if was coming in but just selling out almost immediately? (Since I usually shop in the evening when the store is less busy.) But he said, No, that they haven’t been able to get a shipment in since August.

Also haven’t been able to find prepackaged sliced ham for nearly a month now. They have plenty of the monster tubes to be sliced to order, but nothing prepackaged except Buddig. (ick) Found tons of that in a store in a different chain, though.

If by square bottles, you mean these … these types of bottles are the default alcohol bottles locally. All brands but one use these bottles.

The brand of alcohol that comes in the 'stealth" dome-topped bottles is ArtNatural – those bottles look like this. But I’m sure people will catch on before long.

Get this…colonoscopy prep! None to be had in our local area.

Now would be a great time to get that colonoscopy that you’ve been putting off.

The Osco section of my local Jewel Foods finally had a few bottles of isopropanol. My Walgreens had a few bottles of rubbing alcohol (denatured ethanol, 60% or a little more).

That type of container is all my Walgreens has had for at least a year.

The 4 that old bottle in about to use up is square. So are the two i bought a month ago to replace it.

I don’t know when they became square, but i feel like it’s been a while.

Round bottles make sense if you want to minimize the cost of the packaging material. Square bottles make sense if you want to minimize the storage/shipping space. I expect to see a gradual shift from round to square bottles in general.

Went to Kroger yesterday afternoon. Everything seemed normal, they even had a few bottles (square) of isopropyl alcohol. I wanted a half gallon sized refill jug of hand soap for the bathroom, they didn’t have those but had plenty of smaller pump and squeeze bottles.

I’m still seeing runs on water but it’s getting restocked. I’m partial to a particular brand of distilled water for my CPAP machine. So now I’m buying extra when I see fully stocked shelves.

I have yet to see isopropyl in stock. I have purchased ethyl alcohol as a substitute.

In Canada, people are again thinking lockdown. There are not really shortages of much - lots of flour, yeast and paper - but if you want Lysol brand wipes you may need to settle for bottles and paper towels. They have lots of more expensive organic wipes.

Paper towels are becoming a scarce commodity again, particularly the name brands.

I haven’t been able to get my hands on a reasonably-sized bottle of peanut oil for several months. WalMart has the gallon-size like you’d use to fry a turkey, but I don’t need that much!

TP around here is sporadic. Last week on the same day, and within an hour of each other, I saw Vons completely bare of TP and the Staters a mile up the road with completely full shelves of name brand tissue. Different supply chains, obviously. Didn’t buy at either place because I still have 3 megaroll 12-packs out in the garage.

I had trouble buying peanut oil for months, but when I finally found it, I bought a couple of bottles. So I haven’t looked recently.

My mom just came home from rehab, and suddenly needs all sorts of cleaning stuff for all the people traipsing in and out of her place (physical therapist, nurse, occupational therapist) and I’m having trouble getting disinfectant wipes and name-brand paper towels.

The last time I fried a turkey I bought several more gallons of peanut oil than I needed. I keep pouring it into an empty quart(?) bottle of canola oil. I used a sharpie to draw a peanut on the label. It’s been two or three years and I’m halfway through the last gallon.

^^ I might have to end up doing exactly that.

One thing I’ve noticed is a glut of hand cleaners. I’m hoping they readjust and increase isopropyl alcohol quantities.

Is it still ok? Didn’t think peanut oil kept as well as some.

The only oil I’ve had to throw out for being rancid was canola. Oh, and i bought half a game of sesame oil and then forgot about it and didn’t use it for years. I guess i threw that out, too.

Have you tried online sources? DH and I had good luck at back around March or April (note: only financial connection is as satisfied customer). I’m also seeing good stock on rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl) in my area.

I haven’t thrown out much peanut oil but this belief has led me to keep it in the fridge. I might have to rethink my whole oil belief system.