So what shortages are you personally seeing?

Vons, SoCal - Bought one of the two 24 can Friskies cartons they had today. Other obvious empty shelves were certain chips and of all things Capri Sun and other pouched kid’s drinks. All of them gone.

Major-brand unscented liquid laundry detergent. Every major brand available on the shelves has some “spring-fresh” or “floral” perfume added. Fortunately I found a store brand with a low level of perfume that is bearable.

For whatever reason, I can’t find ortega brand taco sauce. Theres other brands but that one is gone from multiple stores.

I was in a full-sized Target yesterday and the toilet paper aisle was filled, as was the one with paper towels. (I’m trying to get all my shopping done now, so I can avoid the stores for the next couple of weeks.)

We drove by a Sam’s Club yesterday, so I stopped for toilet paper. Pretty much ever shopper had tp in their cart. One package to a customer limit.

Rice Krispies have disappeared here in Central Pennsylvania. Mom needs them for a couple of here Christmas treats and has been looking for them gor a couple weeks without any luck. I managed to find a couple boxes of store brand in a Weis store almost a hour away so the holidays are saved!

Western PA checking in. I have not been able to find flavored cream cheese spreads for almost 6 weeks or more.
This is for both the national brand and store brand.
Today there was some blueberry.
I have always enjoyed the brown sugar and cinnamon flavor.
The entire shelf at Walmart has been decimated the last three times I shopped.
Cannot understand the run on cream cheese in my local area LOL!
In general it seems that every time I shop I have to substitute something or go home home empty handed when items are just not available.
It’s never predictable either.
I have never liked shopping and I like it even less now.
I am going to Virginia for Thanksgiving and will see what I can find in that area.

Weirdly, I found heavy whipping cream hard to find this week, which I only noticed because I need some for a dessert I’m planning to bring to dinner Thursday.

If you have whipping cream (or even just 4% milk) I’d think you could incorporate (whip) some melted butter in and use that. Or am I being naive?

I don’t think it works that way. And I was able to find whipping cream today, but I had to buy a whole quart.

I needed to pick up a couple of things this afternoon and went to the market not realizing, like an idiot, that it was almost Thanksgiving. The market was packed and there was plenty of stock. And a couple of hours later I realized that I forgot to get butter so I went to a different market. Same deal.

I forgot to check on the cat food though. Next time, I promise.

Strawberry shortcake for dessert/breakfast?

I’ve found that a common shortage for many years in the week before Thanksgiving and the one before Christmas. Demand’s much greater then, cream’s a perishable item, and it’s not practical to increase the supply for a couple of weeks out of the year.

Dewey Finn, how do you feel about scones? I like this recipe quite a lot, and have used the heavy whipping cream option each time. So far I’ve done raisin - which is why I wanted to try it, no one sells them anymore - and chocolate chip. I’ll probably try cranberries next.

Still barely any cat food on shelves. I wish I could get Linden and Poe to complete a survey about acceptable flavors before I do my next big order with Tractor Supply.