So what was wrong with Avril's shirt?

We were watching the Grammy Awards last night and noticed something odd about Avril Lavigne’s performance. She opened her act by holding her jacket wide open toward the audience. The director, however, chose to show her back, so we couldn’t see what she was doing. During the performance, they carefully blurred her chest. You really had to pay attention to notice that something was wrong. (If you taped it, look at her necklace – the pendant appears and disappears.)

So anyway, strictly out of curiosity :wink: , what was on her shirt? Did it have some obscene word? Was it a political statement? Was it her boobs :smiley: ???

Inquiring minds want to know.

I don’t know … the Yahoo! News pics do seem a bit blurred (at the top–the nipple line, as it were).

They come up on a general search:

And here are the actual pics:

The blur seems more noticeable in the thumbnail shots (on the general search page), so definitely take a look at that.

Here’s another–the inside of her blazer says “Rock on”

Here’s another–the inside of her blazer says “Rock on”

Here’s the story:

The scaredy-cat producers just cut away out of fear of a political message. After all, she’s a Canadian.


Do you know who Neil Young is?

So What Was Wrong With Avril Levigne’s Shirt?

It had Avril Levigne in it.


Sorry, sorry… :smiley:

But the middle finger patch on her back was okay…


So if it was nothing, what’s with the blurs? The photos do look blurred, and I haven’t seen the video but if you can see her pendant going in and out of the blurred area, what was it covering?

On the other hand, how would they even blur it? Isn’t that something that’s normally done to a videotape in post production? I can’t imagine the logistics in doing this to a live feed. -Even with a generous delay.

Maybe it was like a mirage, and it was shimmering from the heat haze because she is so hot…

Okay, probably not.

What could producers possibly have been worried about? Did they expect her to be wearing a shirt that said: Skateboarding is not a crime? How could anything an 18 year-old Canadian have something on her shirt that would be so subversive it would need to be censored? Didn’t Eminem have a shirt saying to “free” someone? And who was the name on Eminem’s shirt? The latest Mumia type cause that celebs are endorsing?

And how lame was the little crowd of people in front of the stage jumping around to create “atmosphere” during her performance?

This is interesting. Who would have thought that the producers would be worried about Avril’s clothing? I mean, of all the people to worry about, they pick Avril??

That’s just it…a punk 18 year old who would love to do something to grab a headline.

Of course, God forbid they say on TV what millions around the world are already saying…

They were put on ‘vigilante watch’ by the network. There were concerns all night about people using the TV cameras to make a plitical statement a la Richard Gere.

I am pretty sure she had some message inside her coat. When she took it off during her act it looked as if there was big white letters on the inside.

If you also noiticed they censored M&M’s dirty word in his rap. However earlier during 60 Minutes they allowed LA Police Commisioner Bratton to say Bulls**t without censor.

Seems like a double standard.

DOH!!! I just looked at the Yahho link and realize that is what it showed. Sorry toadspittle I read your post but it didn’t sink in either.

“Free Yayo”, referring to Tony Yayo: a member of a group called G Unit, that he recently signed to his record label, and who I think were arrested around Christmas for leaving their car double-parked outside a club, with one guns clearly visible on the floor and another in the trunk.

I’m not sure, but I presume he’s still in jail.

Not only that, but ‘yayo’ is slang for marijuana. So if that’s not censored, I don’t know what message Avril could have had written on her chest/coat…

:smack: That should’ve read:

‘…G Unit, that he recently signed to his record label, who I think were arrested…’

“one gun…”

Yayo was cocaine last time I heard it… I mean, that was 5 years ago but I’d imagine it’s still the same thing…

Mind you, kids (including Eminem) will call any drug just about anything, present company included. :eek:

Just FYI - yayo is how llello is pronounced. 'Tis Spanish.