So, what will the Iraq Study Group come up with?

Approval of Bush policy on Iraq declines

I’m confused. The linked story says (empahsis added):

I thought they were done quite awhile ago, and that all that was left was for them to discuss their findings with Bush, Congerss, and others in government. What am I missing???

Pre-election coverage certainly gave that impression:
October 31

October 23

Perhaps the study group is doing a rewrite in light of their talks with Bush?

Whatever happens, we’ll get the real story since there are an equal number of Democrats and Republicans in the ISG. Panetta, for one, isn’t going to be a stooge for Bush. Remember, too, that this group was commissioned by Congress, not Bush. Even the Pubbies in Congress are going to try and distance themselves from Bush on Iraq (especially after the last election), so I’m not too worried about the ISG’s findings being hijacked by Bush.

Not hijacked surely, but perhaps given a face-saving coating for the president’s consumption. After all, the report can’t do much good if Bush doesn’t buy it.

True. But I think a lot of people are assuming that Bush appointed this group to go study the issue so that it looks like he’s open to suggestion, and then just reject it if it doesn’t agree with his preconceived ideas. And that he is somehow able to control what they report since they’re his group, which they are not. Fact is, he’s probably just been playing along the whole time, thinkig that he isn’t going to be told to what to do by Congress. Still makes him a poopypants, but for a different reason. :slight_smile:

I just love political conjecture, so free form and improvisational!

Here’s mine: the ISG is formed of reliable old political cowpokes who can be counted on to perform yeoman’s work. Stunning revelations are not to be expected, nor drastic changes in policies suggested. Most likely, the will re-warm the same set of ghastly options and serve them with a parsley garnish. After all, what could they think of that no one else hasn’t already?

Amongst those will be the option GeeDub is looking for, something indefinite, open ended. Like urging the Iraqis more sternly and making vague gestures to some future pullout date that shimmers in the distance. He is bargaining for time, for a few more Friedman Units for his plan to bear fruit, i.e., it starts to rain ponies in Anbar Province.

Either that, or a signing statement.

Whichever, I think it’s fair to expect that it will be a plan for a withdrawal couched in face-saving, success-declaring verbiage. I also expect that the committee’s efforts have been focused mostly on how to get Junior to think it’s his *own * idea, not Poppy’s friends’.

Well, they’re supposed to release their recommendations on December 6.

What attention will W pay it, in the post-2006-election environment, I wonder?