So what's the coolest game on Facebook?

I’m playing Scrabulous like crazy, and Scramble as well. I was playing Warbook for a while, but I realized I don’t like “do a few routine things, and level up, and that’s about it” games. Also, the legion of quiz games don’t do much for me.

So what’s your favorite? Anything truly interesting and immersive out there?

I enjoy Othello and Four-in-a-Row, but they’re not all that innovative…

If there are any very awesome games on Facebook, I haven’t seen them. There are way too many of the “get your friends to sign up if you want to win” variety. I’ve recently become addicted to though.

I have been playing Scrabulous and Scramble a bunch.Wanna play sometimne Ogre? Who are you at scramble?

“Dump two hundred pounds of elephant dung onto Mark Zuckerberg’s head for allowing Facebook to be turned into a convoluted piece of shit with all of its retarded applications and games.”

Dude, he’s a 23 year old billionaire, he could cover your town in elephant shit if he wanted to get you back.

He may be a billionaire but he’s an asshole for letting Facebook turn into such a sack-of-shit site with all the pointless apps.

So what’s the coolest game on Facebook?

Clicking on people’s profiles at random and taking a drink every time you see someone whose favorite movies do not include The Wedding Crashers, Anchorman, Zoolander, and Scarface.

Stumbling drunk

I won’t say it’s the coolest game, but I’ve become really addicted to Wrestler.

I’m an idiot and a Facebook newbie; how do you go about clicking on people’s profiles at random? All I can do is view my friends and search for people by name or e-mail address.

If you’re a chess player, the chess app from is pretty good. They’ve fixed some flaws with it and now you can play against friends or the computer.

shrug It runs smoothly enough, and I like some of the apps.

Traveler IQ Challenge is fun, albeit edumacational.