So what's your biggest brush with fame

Share your story. Could be 15 minutes of fame you had or a celeb you got to hang with. Should be fun to read!

Ok, for me it wasn’t one event. Like I have said in other threads, I worked in a music store and had “rock stars” come in on a fairly regular basis. Not for promotions, but just to hang. Slim Dunlap, Joey from Badfinger, Goo Goo Dolls etc…

when I went fishing as a boy, a photographer on the local paper snapped a picture of me. front page. It was a small town.

No fish, though. :frowning:

Brush with Fame #1:

About 15 years ago, at a show in Las Vegas, Rodney Dangerfield brought me up on stage with him. I still have his red tie to prove it.

Brush with Fame #2:

I “met” Morris the Cat (you know, the finicky one – 9 Lives cat food…)

#1 met all of the '92 Los Angeles Dodgers in their locker room before the game

#2 bumped into Fred Durst in a mall (literally)

Brushes with fame…

  1. Matt Dillon checked out my ass when I was walking into a record store in Lawrence Kansas. He was holding the door for me. I had no idea it was Matt Dillon but my friend saw him checking out my ass.

  2. Timothy Hutton and Jack Nicholson ate at my aunt and uncle’s steakhouse in Topeka Kansas. I got the charge card carbon slip with Timothy’s signature to keep. I had a crush on him after seeing him in “Taps” so this was a very big deal. Couldn’t care less at the time about Jack Nicholson.

  3. Sat next to Trey and Matt - the creators of “South Park” - during the Emmys. They were with two skanky ho looking women. They did not check out my ass. And I sat next to Carrot Top during the dinner. He did not check out my ass either.

  4. I have Mark Hamill (Luke, I am your father)'s home number and address in my rolodex.

Celebs I’ve shaken hands and exchanged words with:

  • Fred “Rerun” Berry
  • Patrick Duffy (the actor)
  • Todd Bridges
  • John Stamos
  • The actor who played Roscoe T. Coltrane on the Dukes of Hazzard
  • Various team members of the Washington Redskins, including some pretty famous ones such as John Riggins, Joe Theisman, Joe Gibbs (coach), Dave Butz, Joe Jacoby, Dexter Manley, etc.
  1. Hugh O’Brian hugged me. He was wearing a purple velour sweat suit and smelled very strongly of cologne.

  2. I met Evan Dando backstage at a Lemonheads show that my friends’ band opened for.

  3. I sang with the Dave Brubeck quartet.

  4. I rode around in a limo with the bass (the young guy, not the old one) from The King’s Singers.

  5. I once had a master class with Dawn Upshaw.

  6. I walked Gloria Steinem to the bathroom.

I used to work in the London Dungeon - I once jumped out of the shadows and scared the crap out of Kenny Rogers… (I had no idea who he was then…:rolleyes: )
(not to mention the Miss World contestants for 1997/8 - I only realised who they were as the women suddenly seemed to get a lot taller!)

Tenuous link - 3 of my brothers friends used to be taught martial arts by Ray Park… (I never met him though)

We got a bloke who occationally drinks in my local who the ABSOLUTE spitting image of Sean Connery… (And I’m a married woman, DAMNIT!:D)

I once had an “offer” from Nick Reynolds… son of the Great Train Robber… but he’s, erm… not my type! lol

oooh- and I saw Jonathan Ross in a club once…

Joe Lieberman visited the organization where I interned over the summer, and I was only one of two people there from Connecticut so I got to talk to him.

I met Alex Trebek at the 1996 National Geography Bee. He’s a jerk.

I’ve photographed Cheryl Ladd and talked to Ashley Judd.

On a lesser note, I sorta-kinda know Bob & Tom and the other members of the Bob & Tom radio show. (Friend-of-a-friend type thing.)

I was on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” for 2 whole seconds. I was never the fastest during the Fast Finger round, so I never got to answer any questions, and didn’t win a cent.

But for 2 seconds, I was on TV.

I’m sure I have posted this before, but it’s probably one of the lost posts, so . . .

My wife is Debbie Reynold’s first cousin. I have met Debbie a couple of times. Each time, she had just finished a live performance, so she seemed tired but also seemed to be trying to be nice to relatives she hardly knew. She did seem to care about her aunt Mary (my mother-in-law), especially during Mary’s final illness.

I have had dinner with Debbie’s parents (interesting people, both now deceased) and, on a separate occasion, met and had dinner with her brother Bill, who worked as a make-up artist on Knott’s Landing and on a few movies.

I have been introduced to Bette Davis and watched Ron Howard direct her in a made-for-TV movie called “Skyward.” Howard Hessman and Anson Williams were also at the location.

I saw President and Mrs. Kennedy in Washington, DC, in a parade (motorcade might be a better word) in honor of the President of Pakistan - Ahyub (sp?) Khan, I think.

And my sister and I saw Peter MacNicol (of Chicago Hope and Ally McBeal) in an airport once, but we didn’t talk to him.

Pardon me for saying so, but how could one miss your ass??? :smiley:

Hah! I remember that! Then, I suppose that MY biggest brush with fame would be when you MAILED me the slip in Houston, to show it to me! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I saw Marcus Allen on a golf course. I watched him 3-putt the 16th green at Pebble Beach. Lame, I know.

Oh, I’ve bumped into Billy Joe from Green Day a few times. Been in his house and talked to his wife too, actually. I also watched 200 Cigarettes sitting behind Mike Dirnt the bassist from Green Day too, and I went up to him and shook his hand on the way out, but I can’t remember if either of us said anything. Those guys are putzes anyway.

Well, now that I think about it, I might have had some other brushes with fame depending on your standards. I’ve talked to/shaken hands with plenty of smaller bands that many people probably haven’t heard of, like, for example, The Mr. T Experience.

I met Barry Goldwater. I believe it was around 1989. He was on the Board of Directors for a company I was co-op’ing at. I showed him around our lab. He didn’t say much, and he didn’t look very healthy. (He was also in a wheelchair).

Ooh… Fun one.

As a music journalist, I got to meet a few really cool people…

I had breakfast with the Beastie Boys, once. Spent time with the WonderStuff. The boy from Ocean Colour Scene flirted with me, something fierce.

And Armand Assante pissed me off in a record shop.


[li]Made an ass of myself asking a woman in Central Park about her dog. The second she started talking, I realized she was Sigourney Weaver.[/li][li]I did electronic photo transfer at the Emmys one year. I accidentally opened a door into Chris Rock, almost knocking his two Emmys out of his hand. He was very gracious.[/li][li]I used to work, theoretically, for Patrick Stewart. Actually met him a couple times. I was once asked to retrieve his sunglasses from his car and accidentally set off the alarm. He didn’t seem upset.[/li][li]Stood in line at the grocery store behind Walter Koenig (Chekov of Star Trek fame). He did not look well.[/li][li]My cousin has dated David Schwimmer and Jim Carrey, but I don’t see her much anymore and have never met either of them.[/li][li]I worked for the Hollywood Reporter for quite a while, and met Robert Osborne many times (host of Turner Movie Classics).[/li][li]My uncle was one of the two actors who played Captain Marvel on the old Saturday morning kids’ show “Shazam.”[/li][li]My wife was in “E.T.” She was the girl with the pigtails left holding two frogs in paralyzed fright after Elliot gets drunk in science class.[/li][/ul]

I was in the very first TV commercial for the New York Stock Exchange. Got paid $100 and a free (cold) lunch. People still don’t recognize me, but some check out my ass anyway.

Lenny Kravitz held open elevator doors for my wife and I. He was very nice. He did not check out my ass. Maybe my wife’s, but not mine.

I met Ronald Reagan on the trading floor of the NYSE. He was nicer than I thought he would be. I’m sure he doesn’t remember meeting me, but he MAY have checked out my ass. :eek: :smiley:

Just for the record:

Sigourney: Did not, as far as I know, check out my ass.
Chris Rock: Definitely did not check out my ass.
Patrick Stewart: Did not check out my ass, though at the time I believe he was checking out Holly Hunter’s ass in his spare time.
Walter Koenig: Ick.
Robert Osborne: No ass-checking-out.
My Uncle: Don’t be gross.
My Wife: Probably has checked out my ass at some point. I have certainly checked out hers (it’s very nice).