So, when can we hope for the ads to go away?

Do I give it a month? Another week? What?

I’m not prepared to accept any suggestion that they be permitted to remain.

Get uBlock Origin add-on for your browser. It will make the overwhelming majority of ads everywhere go away (you can exclude sites from this or can add more filters)

Ads? What ads?

Aka what Past Tense said.

Or use Brave browser. No ads.

I’m already running what I was told would be an effective adblocker. It’s called a paid membership. Is there an actual answer to the question I asked?

Just in case my question wasn’t clear, when will my paid membership actually exempt me from encountering ads, as >ahem< advertised?

Do you really think they can tell you how many days it’ll be until they finish fixing everything?

A time frame will be fine.

Okay, Karen.

Sorry, that’s snarkier than I’d intended.

Don’t worry about it.

But for the record, Karen is my baby sister. I’m Michael. :stuck_out_tongue:

For what it’s worth, I’m not seeing ads when I access the SDMB from my computer (via Chrome) even though I don’t have an adblocker on—just white spaces with the word ADVERTISEMENT above them. But I do see ads when I access the SDMB from a phone or tablet.

You’re not seeing the ad for Family Estate Counsel dot com?

Huh. I wonder how I can get in on that.

This. I don’t see ads on my computer (Firefox) and I’m a paid member. I do see ads when I access the board on my kindle.

I’m seeing an ad for VRBO at the bottom of this page right now.

Yeah, like I’m gonna be traveling anytime soon. :slightly_frowning_face:

uBlock Origin eliminated not just my SDMB ad troubles, but made everything else run a lot better. Tons better than my previous blocker.

I’m not a paid member, and I haven’t seen a single ad yet on this site.

Paid member, AdBlockPlus, Firefox, no ads and no squares for any ads. All I see is interface and content, clean as can be.

I’m paid up but If I turn off my adblockers, I see ads.

And they don’t know they’re ads. :wink:

No ads for me, but I run both Adblock and uBlock Origin.

Member. Running Adblock. Started last night on my iPad.