So WHEN Is The "John Carter of Mars"Movie Coming Out?

A few months back I saw a thread on this…that the classic E.R. Burroughs book would be made into a movie. Anybody know when the film is due out?
And, will the martian women be as scantily clad as in the Ballentine book editions? :cool:

Originally Robert Rodriguez wa going to direct, but that changed when they refused to let a Director who isn’t a member of the DGA take part, so he had to go. There is no official word of the new Director yet, but rumour has it that the guy who is doing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Kerry Conran, is going to direct it.

So no progress until that has been officially announced.

More precisely, he wanted to co-direct a DIFFERENT movie (Sin City with Frank Miller)


According to Movies Online ( and Killer Movies (, Kerry Conran, director of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, will be directing Paramount’s Princess of Mars.

Didn’t I say that already?

Yeah, but only as a rumor.