So when's this guy gonna get off the crane?


I wonder what people hope to accomplish in these situations? You either come down dead, or you come down alive and the cuffs go on. I don’t know of any third option.

Sleep deprivation will get him down…one way or another.

He’ll come down dead. He really has nothing to live for now. Either he jumps or falls off whilst sleeping.

This piece of shit should have thought about this before he killed his gf. He could have been sleeping soundly in bed right now, but now his only option is to die.

I don’t get the mentality of the crazies anymore. But maybe he’s crazy enough to come down voluntarily, who knows. He’ll make it easier on everyone if he just jumps.

I thought the title was “So when’s this guy gonna get off the cane” and thought, “What’s Bobby Brown done now?”

Ok, so he went up there 4 pm Wednesday local time, and it’s now 9 am Friday local time. Any word on whether or not he’s still up there? I’m thinking that maybe a couple instances of starting to nod off and almost falling might scare him into coming down.

I can attest that every driver in the area hopes it is sooner rather than later.

All I can think of is if he was a bear we would have used a tranquilizer dart on the fool already.

I predict a dry dive.

He seems surprisingly well-dressed for a “Crazy Perched in a Crane Guy”.

Not all of us crazies are fashion impaired you know.

He’s not accepting food or water, so it can’t be too much longer. How long can a person go without water again?

Usually no more than 3 days.
Favorable conditions could extend it to 5.

I’d love to see him try taking a dump from up there.

Actually, I’d like to try that myself.

Good odds he’s done it.

Seriously. Ye gods, I can’t believe he’s still up there. Let the guy jump, shoot him with a tranquilizer dart and take him down, hell, shoot him with a gun, I don’t care, but it’s just ridiculous that this has gone on for two days now. One person shouldn’t be allowed to bring an entire neighborhood to a halt like this.

For those of us who have never been to Atlanta, where is this crane and how many blocks are they putting barriers around?

Poor city, first that monster Brian Nichols and now this. At least you know where this one is and you don’t have to lock down the schools or anything.

I haven’t been in that neighborhood recently, so maybe somebody who’s actually 'round those parts can pinpoint the location a little better, but it’s approximately here–Peachtree Road, which you can see is a major artery, is closed off right there.

Is he still up there?

Didn’t Schiavo last a couple of weeks?
FWIW, the woman he killed went to my high school. The murderer used to work in a little software shop in the building across the street from my office. I didn’t know him but I did just pop in there two or so weeks ago just to ask what kind of company it was… the nice woman at the reception gave me a card and some info saying that they were hiring, including sales positions, one of which he’s apparently vacated.

Negotiations haven’t worked. How about the biggest, meanest looking high steel walker guy, to run out at him screaming, “GET THE F**K OFFA MY GODDAM CRANE!” He’ll jump.