So, where are the threads going?

In ATMB, I can see only one page. My thread about beginning here is…, somewhere. Page 3?
I am still a guest, and my time is going out… I will be sent to cyberspace, orbiting, without any mean of communication…

Can’t search…, wanna begin a thread about Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, but when I can’t search, I do not know if you have already discussed that ad finitum(sp?).

Wanna begin a thread about “Russia, where are you going?”, but can answer the thread, my own thread, only three days more…, then silence…, if I open it, that is.
[/end of rant]

ATMB has 140 pages, from what I see here. There was a server foulup of some sort earlier today, which might be what you’re worrying about.

You can control the thread age cutoff. To do so for a specific forum, per session, go to the forum index page, where it lists all the threads. Scroll down past the thread listings, and you will see some display options. Pull down the box that says “Show threads from” and select the option you want. If you always want all all forums to display the same way, go to your User CP, click “Edit options” and scroll down until you see “Default Thread Age Cut Off”. Pull down the box and select the option you want. Try to keep the cutoff age to a minimum, since the farther back you go, the more of a load it puts on the server.

Subscribers get to search, which is how you get to access older material.

Yet another reason to sign up.


But he’s already signed up. You’d think that PayPal payment would have gone through already, seeing as it’s been deducted from my existing paypal balance and didn’t have to clear.

Oh, that’s right. Lemme see what PayPal is up to. Usually takes 5-10 business days, but this should be done now.

Whoever paid for Henry, could you please send me a redacted copy of your receipt? I don’t need to know your bank or anything like that, but I could use the transaction # (well, actually Jerry could, but it starts with me).



Thank you all for the advices.
And thank you once more Uvula Donor!
And yes, I am a member now!!!

Free vodka for everyone!

I like this guy already.

He can’t afford the subscription, but he can buy vodka for everyone? :dubious:

He didn’t say it was *good *vodka.