So, where did Lauren walk in and buy a HP 4gb notebook w/ a 17" monitor for $699?

…because I’m not seeing that in my searching online. I can find a refurb for that online, and that’s fine, but I’m thinking that that commercial is disingenuous (big surprise there, huh?). But I may be wrong. So, can anyone find me a brick and mortar store where a brand new 4gb HP notebook with a 17" screen goes for $699?

I put it into the pit, because I hate commercials and I think this is bullshit, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckcuntcuntcuntcunt (pit tags).

You must realize that Microsoft is a word that’s short for “half baked in the microwave”.

$699 was probably the deposit at the home furnishings rental store.

You can actually get one from HP directly for under that price. The G70t has a $150 instant rebate on it, and I configured one with:

Vista Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core 2 Duo T6400
4 gig DDR2 memory
160 gig hard drive
On-board graphics
17 inch screen
DVD/CD drive (writeable)
MS Works

That cost just 679.99 after the instant rebate. I’m assuming that some resellers might even discount it below HP’s price, so it’s definitely doable.

Wouldn’t want to put a stop to a potential MS bashing fest, but I even found you one in a big box store. This is likely the one from the commercial.

17 inch laptop

That commercial is so fucking annoying. It’s like Kia giving some girl $10,000, and then shooting an ad of her walking out of a BMW dealer.

Who is Lauren and what commercial are we talking about?

Motherfuckin’ micro$oft a$$holes are fucking dickheads for goddamn advertising and then having the balls to sell a fucking $699 laptop! Those absolute douchebags… what the fuck are they going to do next?

It’s like MS gave some girl $700 dollars and then shot an ad showing her walking out of a fucking Best Buy with a decent laptop made by HP.

Wife got a 17" HP AMD based system for 599 a few weeks ago. Staples has it at that price about every six weeks or so. Office Max has about the same thing with a Blu Ray drive for the low 700 range. 4Gb, 320Gb drive, Vista Home Pro 64bit.
I’m not hearing my name being taken in vain, so something is going right…

Lauren is not cool enough to be a ‘mac person’ but she is cool enough to drive a VW Beetle.

She doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb on the tree.


She is apparently an actress, too.

Yeah, fuck those Kia assholes too! Damn all manufacturers of inexpensive products for the working class!

Next you’ll tell me that Justin Long isn’t actually a Mac.

Hmm… she got “everything she wanted” for under $700. Is she aware that computers need software? I mean, beyond the operating system, assuming she knows what THAT is.

What is it that she needs that isn’t available for free? I’m guessing she’s not looking to level her Night Elf Druid.

Dude. That’s what open source is for.

But don’t tell Microsoft.

Maybe that is all she needs? Not everybody needs special software to enjoy their computer. OS, internet connection? Countless possibilities.

I’m not a big fan of Microsoft, but the point of the ad is hardly outrageous, which is that you can get a workable PC for a lot less money than an Apple.

I suppose the ad is aimed at urban hipsters, who are now known as swipples in some circles.

More importantly, what is the process for acquiring someone like Lauren on Craigslist? Admittedly, I’m watching it with the sound off, so she might have a voice like a brain-damaged chipmunk on helium, but still…I’m willing to take the chance.


Bingo. To carry the point further, even an obviously hip Lauren is concerned about price and the premium price for the Apple is mostly for the status symbol.

The ad’s point, not mine.

Of all the truly objectionable ads on TV why pit this one?