So... where do I stay in Toronto?

We are thinking of driving up to Toronto this weekend and we are not sure where to stay. We want a non-expensive hotel but not something where we’re gonna get knifed in the parking lot.

Also, what kind of cool stuff is there to do in Toronto? I’ve never been there before.

Cool stuff? Well, if you come this weekend, you’ll be here in time for Gay Pride and the Toronto Jazz Festival . How long might you be staying? It’ll be a long weekend up here, Canada Day is on July 1st, but there’ll be celebrations for much of the weekend, too.

I’ll try to get back to you on hotels - it might be hard to find a place, and I haven’t ever stayed in a hotel here, so I’m always stymied when people ask.

I usually went to Toronto on day trips. But I did stay overnight a couple of times. Once I rented a dorm room at the University of Toronto - they rent rooms to tourists during the summer when there are no students. The other time I stayed at the Bond Hotel downtown - a very nice hotel with a free parking garage which I got an online bargain price for.

Welcome, welcome! :slight_smile:

Cool stuff in Toronto? Us! :slight_smile:

There’s a university residence or two that offer accommodation during the summer: Ryerson. University of Toronto

I don’t know whether you guys are up for youth hostels, but there are several: HostelBookers listing page.

When are you arriving and how long are you staying?

Edit: better book NOW. The city’s going to be jammed because of the Pride Parade and the Jazz Festival, as mentioned upthread.

Then there are motels.

Plenty of regular hotels, too; Marriott by the Eaton Centre, Intercontinental on Bloor, Holiday Inn on King Street west, but I’ve never stayed in them. Way out of my price range.

If you want funky, try the Gladstone Hotel on Queen Street west: it’s an old railway hotel that was recently renovated. It has one of those iron-cage elevators.

We are the type to do youth hostels and so on normally, but we were kind of hoping for a king sized bed and some privacy this weekend, if you get where I’m going with that. We kind of need a romantic (ok ok hot, loud, sweaty sex) getaway right now. We don’t mind staying maybe 30min to an hour away if we have to…

That’s cool that it’s gay pride, that sounds like a hell of a lot of fun!

We’d be driving up Thursday night, though we might stop at Niagara Falls for the night and continue on Friday. We’d be leaving on Sunday in time to get home at a reasonable hour. It’s about a 5 hour drive from here.

That place looks awesome (I’m an artist myself) but it’s out of our price range.


Err, no thanks. I’m a vegetarian.

Didn’t know that. Oh well.

We drove up to Toronto a number of times when we lived in Ohio. It seems to me that we stayed in Oakville, which is about a 20 minute drive outside of Toronto itself. We got a decent hotel for a decent price right off the QEW. (I’ll double check with my SO tonight to be sure I’m thinking of the right place)

There are lots and lots of hotels under $100 per night around the airport. Even within town, there are hotels that are pretty cheap. One quick search turned up a bunch starting at $77/night within the city.

Dopers, wanna welcome Opal with dinner or drinks? I’ll see if I can get time off at work…

Friday night? Might be good. I’m still laying my plans for the weekend. Isn’t it a long weekend?

When Mrs Piper and I were at Grey Cup last year, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on Lombard Street. It’s within easy walking distance of most of the downtown stuff, reasonably safe district (we walked a lot in the evening to and fro events without feeling unsafe), and comfortable rooms. Don’t know if it’s in your price range or not, but I’d certainly recommend it.

Don’t go planning something based on me being there. It’s looking less and less like it’s going to happen. What with it being gay pride it just seems like a bad weekend to try it ($ + crowds). We are thinking of just going as far as Niagara Falls or something instead.

We haven’t made up our minds yet, though.

We’re trying to stay away from just doing a search and going with “whatever we found cheapest on the internet” which is why I came here to ask. I’ve done “whatever we found cheapest on the internet” before and had a smelly room with cockroaches. :X

I’d recommend otherwise. The falls are spectacular and worth a visit. But everything else in Niagara Falls - not so much. It’s a combination of rust belt factory town and cheap tourist trap. It’s worth stopping and spending a few hours at the falls if you’re in the area or are passing through. But it’s not really worth going to as a weekend destination.

We wouldn’t be. We would either make it a day trip or leave in the evening, stay the night, see the falls in the morning and drive back after lunch. We don’t intend on staying multiple days there.