So, where does your fat usually go?

[Multiple choice poll, please vote for your gender]

They say fat gain is different depending on what your sex is. Guys tend to get it in the gut, women on their hips or butts.

Me, almost all of it (back when I was overweight by up to 60 pounds) would invariably go to my gut.


First chick that says it goes to her boobs is going to get a punch in the neck :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always carried my fat in the hip, thighs, butt region - classic pear shape (though I prefer to call it “curvy”. I never had fat around my mid section but now the fat just goes wherever the hell it wants (though apparently it doesn’t have a map to my breasts. Stupid fat.)

Oh, and if it isn’t obvious, I’m a gal.

Guy here. When I gain weight, I put it on pretty evenly all over. There’s no comical “beer belly” on an otherwise thin body with me: I get fat around the middle, on my extremities, and I get a big fat potato head.

I’m one of those guys where the fat goes all over my body, so I clicked everything. Yes, my belly gets big, but so do my moobs, my thighs and my ass. When I’m losing weight, the loss happens from the outside in, so my hands and feet get thin first, then my arms and calves, then my hips and chest, and finally my belly.

I’m 400lbs, at this point the fat goes wherever the hell it wants too.
I do have a very large belly.

With the exception of pregnancy and illness (the extremes), my fat gets burned off (high metabolic rate and athletic).

I’m a girl, and yes, the fat distributes itself evenly when I gain or lose it. I carry the vast majority of it in my abdomen, and there’s more than I’d like in my back. If I could shift some down to my caboose and thighs, that would be optimal.

Gut. And really nothing else.

Whenever I mention to people casually that I’ve gained weight. They always say “Yeah, right.” I say, “Let me take my shirt off and show you.”

Why, I oughtta . . .

If I pick up 5-10 lbs, it goes to my waist. Not so much my belly, but truly the waist. I lose my ‘bend inwards’ and get a bit square in the torso. I don’t get the belly pooch and my trunk remains junkless. I guess you could say I’ve got SpongeBobSquarepants Syndrome.

Female. Everywhere but mostly on my abdomen. I’m post-menopausal and that is typical but it was also my ‘go to’ place for unwanted fat when I was a lot younger. It’s also the last place to go when I actually get around to losing weight.

Gaining weight is a relatively new phenomenon for me. It’s concentrating itself on my belly and a bit on my face. The rest of me remains skinny, or just disappointingly saggy.

Groin fat in pubic region goes away the last

Woman here and fat distributes everywhere on me, including locations that hardly anyone else complains about. Like my back. Because this type of weight gain doesn’t flatter me in the slightest, I feel extra pressure to stay slim.

Guy. Gut. My muscles are lean but I do have a layer of subcutaneous fat that grows if I’m really getting up there. Hopefully won’t be there again, but it’s always a struggle. When I’m just left with the gut I’m doing pretty good.

I (gal) checked all the gal options because when I gain weight, it gets evenly distributed everywhere. (Except my hands and feet, for some reason. When I at 5’4" was almost 200 pounds, I still had bony hands and feet.)

When I lose weight, I notice it first around my waist, and last around my thighs and butt.

Pretty much the gut/middle. I’m shaped like either an overweight Hank or underweight Bobby Hill.

Belly but some to the hips as well. The good side is my ass totally fades away. The bad side is I really have to cinch my belt or go the suspenders route.

My goddamn face! Grr. Can’t even hide that with MySpace angles. Then after that, it just kind of spreads itself out evenly.

I’ve always been fat but never been very curvy. I like (?) to say I am built like a tree. No butt, no hips, just all fat.

And yes, my goddamn chin. Doesn’t help that the only things on me that are small are my ears and mouth. I have a big ol balloon head.