So where is Monica Goodling working now?

Much press has been given to Ms. Goodling and her subversion of the US Justice Department via politicizing the the hiring process for Civil Service jobs there.

But I’ve not been able to discover just what this lawyer from Pat Robertson’s law school has been up to, since leaving the Justice Department.

Can anyone provide some info on her subsequent employment career?

Thanks! This says she is a consultant. One of 150 Pat Robertson Regent college grads in the Bush admin. I am sure you wish nothing but the best for the happy couple.

Yeah she’s a sweetie

From Wiki

The pals she hired aren’t working out too well either

This was amusing

How Monica Goodling played the gender card and won.

Theirwedding registry at Macy’s still open if you want to get the happy couple a gift!

I wish I had family that would have sprung for:

like multiples of hers did.

To answer the OP, I guess we know how she’s doing, and we also know she’s going to have a dandy assortment of vases there…

A cereal bowl for $70? :eek:

And she wants 16 of them? :dubious: