So who wins new age Superman or classic, atomic fire breathing Godzilla?


Is Superman wussified enough lately to let Godzilla kick his ass?

I don’t think it’d be so much “LET” Godzilla kick his ass. If it’s a first encounter, Superman would probably be “Wow, that’s a big dinosaur. Why are it’s scales glowing? I wo…” and then that’s about it, because at that point he’s engulfed in a blast of plasma, which to my knowledge, is the hottest substance in the known universe so far, and the fact it’s irradiated as well just makes it that much more fun. First blast catches Superman off guard, and leaves nothing left. But I’m a Godzilla biggot, so that’s just my opinion.

In the 1940s cartoon The Arctic Giant, Superman kicks the butt of a pretty cartoopny-looking T. Rex (dug out of arctic ice and kept in a refrigerator at what is clearly the American Museum of Natural History). A few years ago they remade this for the new Superman animated series, only now it was Supes who looked cartoony, while the T. Rex looked more realistic. So, at least in the cartoon version, Superman old or new ought to be abvle to beat the Big G. Don’t know about the current comic version.

Godzilla, hands down. Besides the current-Superman’s reduced power level, remember that classic Godzilla is freakin’ unstoppable.

Supes could take on the wussified Sony/Devlin/Emmerich Godzilla, though. Then again, a toddler with a slingshot could beat him…

Personally, I think this scenario is unforgivibly silly…

…After all, EVERYONE knows that Godzilla exists in the Marvel comics universe. :smiley:

BTW, how has superman been changed recently that would make Godzilla an even match for him? Supes used to be essentially “Invincible,” as I recall, but I know that the comics are quite willing to play fast and loose with continuity.

(Besudes the fact that, if published, Godzilla would “have” to lose in the end because he’s a “Bad Guy” and Superman is a “Good Guy.” Lousy western European morality.)

Atomic breath? Supes has shown he can survive inside the SUN. He might still be weaker than Pre-Crisis Planet Moving Superman, but Atomic breath is NOT going to kill Superman.

I’m a huge Godzilla fan, but Supes would win.

Godzilla is a multiton lizard. Supes can lift cruiseships with ease.

Godzilla has atomic breath. Supes has heat vision.

Godzilla can breathe underwater. Supes can hold his breath for hours.

Supes can fly. Godzilla is green.

Supes can move faster than mach 10. Godzilla has a kickass battle cry.

Most importantly, Supes has that hero Overcome The Pain, Get Up And Force Yourself To Win thing going for him. He’d be battered, bruised, and blackened, but Godzilla would be down for the ten count.

The Blue Boy Scout would lift the BOC’s mascot up by his prodigous tail and deposit him on Mars or some such.

simple! godzilla wins. why? simple. we’re talking about the new supes. and the old godzilla.

new supes: needs a fancy suit for everything.
isn’t too amazingly strong anymore. i doubt he can lift something about 50 stories high.
wears his undies in the wrong spot.
get’s beaten by normal people with fancy toys.
can not kill anything. unless it is an accident (i.e. sucked into space).
has been killed.

godzilla: really really big.
really really strong.
can withstand bombs.
regularly kills monsters.
has never died.

makes sense to me.

Moving to IMHO.

The last time I saw Superman, he was getting his ass kicked by PAD’s Aquaman.

I humbly suggest that if the fight is anywhere hear an ocean, Godzilla wins hands down.