So, who's on the SDMB instead of celebrating and why?

I work today. The hospital never closes. Happily, I’m not working Christmas day this year, so I get a three-day weekend to enjoy the holiday.

I’m at work, not doing one damned thing. Maybe I’ll be bored enough by afternoon to consider it.

After today, I won’t be at the message board until the 28th…when I’ll be at work, probably not doing one damned thing.

I’m chugging my third mug of coffee (with a little eggnog in it!) trying to work up the energy for The Big Push. I made a pecan pie this morning (seriously, the bakery wants $14 for a pecan pie???) and I’m going to get a few last minute things and take the spiral ham over to my mother’s, get everything prepared for Christmas day eats, and come back later to make spaghets and meatballs for our Christmas Eve dinner here. Then we’ll open presents. I need more coffee.

It’s Christmas, which is a shitty time of year no matter how you slice it.

What’s to celebrate about?

It’s almost 3.00am here on Christmas Day, and we’ve just finished our post-Midnight Mass festivities.


I was supposed to go to work today, but the sprog decided to come down with a brutal stomach virus that is supposed to cause 12 to 24 hours of vomiting, followed by 12 to 24 hours of diarrhea. :eek: We’ve got two wastebaskets and multiple rolls of paper towels, as well as a trash bag for the used towels. I’m waiting for Airman to come home so I can get Pedialyte and Jello, among other things.

The sun’s starting to set later?

This isn’t a holiday nor the eve of one for me. The constant assumption that it is has left me anything but celebratory, in fact.

Not a Christian. Also, I have a Hebrew final on the 25th. At nine in the morning. They always schedule Hebrew finals for nine in the morning on Fridays for some reason.

I’m not trying to be a wet blanket or anything. Merry Christmas to those of you who do celebrate Christmas.

Quit takin’ it personally. We won’t be offended when you celebrate whatever you deem celebratable.

It isn’t personal, but it is pretty much impossible to avoid the marketing and social blitz of CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS YOU SHOULD BE HAVING LOVING-FAMILY-TOGETHER-PARTY-PRESENTS TIME! from November on. It’s not about being offended, it’s about self-defense.

Edit: And I’m parked at home with some half-off Champagne, finishing a freelance writing assignment and planning my travel for tomorrow when London Transport falls over and starts gasping like an airless fish (i.e. there is no public transport at all). I don’t remember the bit in the Gospels where Jesus said, “O and by the way, there shalt be no travelling in London at all on My birthday.” :mad:

There’s LOTS of things in society I opt to tune out of, every bit as annoying as Xmas may be to you. (Politics, Religion, Reality TV, Twilight)

It’s a skill folks would be better off picking up.

I’ve celebrated a few holidays that way myself. Poor thing!

Everyone in the house but me is in bed with the flu. I’m starting to feel achy myself, but it could be from all the fetching and massaging I’ve been doing. I hope.

Working at home day for me. Husband had to go to work out of state for the next week so we took some time off and did our holiday celebrating last week.

Cats and me will sit on the couch and watch a dvd later on.

Jewish. :smiley:

Actually I’m not totally sure when Christmas is? Is tonight Christmas eve and tomorrow Christmas day? Or is tomorrow night Christmas eve and Saturday AM Christmas day?

Looking forward to dim sum tomorrow. Or saturday… whichever it is.

Another one working…well, at work, anyway. The Phone Company never sleeps, although some days there ain’t a whole lot to actually do.

I’ve been on and off killing time between cleaning stuff up, helping get dinner ready, helping clean up after THAT, etc. (We always have our traditional family meal on Christmas Eve)

Then later when everyone else comes back from church, we’ll open presents, then I’ll go to bed.

I sent my parents off to have a white Christmas with my little sister so I get to spend Christmas alone at the beach. I went shopping today and I should have one he’ll of a feast tomorrow. I opened my presents on Monday so I’m already getting to enjoy them. Later on tonight I’ll go out and drive arround looking at Christmas lights.

Merry Christmas or happy lighter days are comming to all of you guys.