So, who's on the SDMB instead of celebrating and why?

My eyeballs slammed open at 3am…when that happens, my only option is to get up.

So. Xmas eve, it’s now 5:35am…and I’m killing time til the family wakes up. I expect a nap sometime today.

I’m at work in the UK, bored shitless. Hopefully knocking off at lunchtime, which is in 15 minutes’ time.

I generally don’t celebrate much of anything at 7:54am. The day is still young!

Morning Unintentionally Blank!

It’s 13:47 here,

Me, I’m still at work…euhm…working…yeah that’s right…working!

I hope I can finish up in an hour of three, so I can spend the evening with a belly dancer, she is my “more then friends, less then lovers”, I going make my famous tagliatelli with leaks and poulet fumé(smoked chicken) and hope I get benefits…

I just celebrated a bagel and coffee.

I’ve got piles of work to finish off today, so I can get at the piles of work I’ll need to do at the weekend.

Hey, I’ll take tomorrow off, you bet.

Way too early here, its 10:00 AM.

Waiting for the rain to stop to go do a little last minute shopping.

(and for “a little” a mean “a lot”, and for “last minute shopping” i mean “all of it”.

I’m up because a) I’m dubbing a DVD christmas present, b) I’m a night-owl anyway, so this isn’t far outside my normal waking hours anyway, and c) I’ve got the flu, and in between the agonizing symptoms and their effects on my sleep schedule, this is the most I’ve been awake and not delirious in the last thirty hours.

Also been belatedly catching up on my christmas special watching. Rankin-Bass could be pretty screwed up when they wanted to be.

I’m too excited to sleep.

Clock has ticked over from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day. Happy Christmas to all!

Whelp, if you’re office bound. Kill some time over at, high resolution scans of (generally) wet plate photos from the last 100-150 years.

By now I’m on my second cuppa coffee (Pumpkin spice, for the season…the new espresso machine, while awesome, is a bit loud just now. :wink: )

(Here’s a good example…just think: These guys never heard of an iPod, SDMB, or the Intarwebs)

It is 6.40 PM here in India . I just made a call to cousin in U.S .

Sitting down to have my supper . Tried the nice X’mas cake , wife allowed me only one piece.:frowning:

Merry Christmas everyone !:slight_smile:

Good morning!
I was awake at 4am, baking cookies, and making a cheese ball. I’m on my way to haul my mom off to her dialysis treatment, and while she’s doing that, I’m going to make a stop at a couple of stores. Yeah, I already know that’s a VERY stupid thing to do, given it’s Christmas eve, and all. But, I need to find something else for my husband.
From there, I’ll be picking up mom, then heading home to make pie crusts, baking pies (An apple, and a pumpkin), baking a ham, and making some Bagna Cauda, all for tomorrow. The house will smell…Interesting.

Have a great Christmas eve, everyone.

I’ve taken a sabbatical to get a Master’s in Translation; I’ve been translating stuff at work and for friends for some 20 years, but never had it as a job title. Given that my usual job is IT/Organization Consulting, a high-burnout area, that I have family responsibilities (in the form of a self-delusional 69yo mother and her parents, aka the Grandparents from Hell, who are 95 and 94 and intent on burying the whole rest of the family), and that I’ve had some health scares which led me to think about “what would I do if I could not sustain the rythm demanded by consulting,” I’m making translation my Plan B.

That means I can’t throw money away. Which in turn means I can use high flight-ticket prices as an excuse to avoid The Usual Drama when The Queens Bee clash. Either Queen Bee (my mother and my sister in law) is so tiresome that I get the warm fuzzies just from thinking that I’ll be hearing of this year’s drama exclusively in delayed reports, rather than living it beforehand, during and after, and in person.

Not-celebrating can be a celebration, too!

Is that why it’s famous? :stuck_out_tongue:

Poor college student and retail worker; can’t afford presents, and burnt out from retail madness to care about shopping. No family, my friends have family they’re spending time with, and my girlfriend’s in the hospital on suicide watch, so there’s no one to spend the day with.

Tonight, I’ll go to a Waffle House with a couple of other friends for our annual bachelor’s Christmas, then I’ll come home and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas by myself.

I’m at work at my hospital today… and tomorrow, and Saturday, and Sunday. And with the blizzard that’s currently blowing in, I’ll probably end up spending tonight and Saturday night sleeping at my hospital instead of at home (lest I be unable to get back in due to unplowed roads).

Holiday call sucks! But this is the first Christmas call I’ve had in eight years, so I can’t whine too much.

I’m ‘working’ at home today, the phone hasn’t rung yet in the 55 minutes I’ve been on, nor have I gotten an email about business, let’s hope it stays that way. I’m in travel in the Midwest, thankfully most business travelers aren’t on the road or in the air today.

Looking forward to filet and lobster tonight with FinallyMan and FinallyBoy, then presents!

I love Christmas.:smiley:

I’m currently baking toffee bars for tomorrow.

Right now, I’m having coffee, watching the news, and surfing the SDMB. I’ll go to work today, but it won’t be a full day. I’ll celebrate with some friends later this afternoon.

At work for a half-day. Would have had to use a full vacation day if I wanted to take it off, but I’ll only be here until noon. So I’m making some face time, eating some Christmas cookies other people brought in, and then leaving at lunchtime.

I used up all my vacation days, so I’m stuck at work. :frowning:

I’m really, really hoping they let us scoot out early today. I’ve got a pile of grocery shopping I still need to do, since I’ve got a Christmas dinner and Boxing Day brunch to make. If they keep us until 5pm, going to the supermarket is going to be like walking into an active war zone.