Merry Christmas everybody!

Eat, drink, be merry, enjoy the company of your friends and your family. And generally have a wonderful time.

And if you’re not Christian, eat, drink etc anyway - it’s a good excuse.

Felix Dies Natalis Solis Invicti!

We opened presents today, since we’re going to extended family’s houses tomorrow. I’m baking…one pumpkin pie down, herb bread, bacon horseradish dip, and lemon pound cake with lemon syrup to go.

The kidlets are playing with their new games/watching their new DVDs/reading their new books/playing with their new dartboard. The dog is happily crunching away on his Christmas meatbone.

Ivylad is napping.

I love a quiet Christmas. Only one thing to return…Ivyboy happened to get one of the ONLY two Clint Eastwood movies that Ivylad doesn’t like.

Christians seem intent on thinking this, and are surprised when other believers don’t buy into it.
I am told this all the time, please celebrate my holiday while I ignore yours, why not. But how would you feel if someone said to start early because Hanuka was a good excuse, or the Tet holiday or Chinese New Year. Or open some presents on Christmas Eve like in Europe, or on Boxing Day. Or simply to set off fireworks on Dominion Day because it’s a good excuse? You’d think the asker was a little bit out of it or pushy.

Or just trying to be nice, sheesh. Like when the Fuerstmans asked me to join them for one of their Hanukkah evenings. I was honored, and it was fun.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

– IG

So, happy Chrismahanukwanza
Good solstice
Bah Humbug

Whatever your choice
I , for one, need no excuse to drink wine. Or eat… something. Chocolate.


Any excuse to celebrate is a worthy one. Especially when that celebration involves people wishing others not of their tribe good will.

I would be honored to shoot off fireworks on Dominion Day. Or Arbor Day or Calvin Coolidge’s birthday or Wednesday. I likes me some fireworks!

Mele Kelikamaka, y’all!

Axial Tilt. It’s the reason for the seasons.

Merry Christmas Eve!
Just have to vacuum, tidy, clean the bathroom today. Twenty-four hours from now, the turkey will be in the oven!

Dominion Day? Who celebrates that? (and don’t say Canada).

I would say thank you and wish them Happy Holidays back. Of course I already celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas (Celebration of Capitalism version), Winter Solstice and Western New Years. I appreciate being greeting me good wishes for any reason. I revel in the heavy mix of Paganism that Christmas has in it and the fact that Hanukkah is a much bigger celebration in the Us due to the Capitalistic Gift giving part of Xmas made some Jewish families increase the importance of Hanukkah. I love Solstice as I love the fact that the days will start getting longer again. It is all good. When someone says Happy Festivus, I reply in kind. When someone says have a good Kwanzaa, I reply in kind. It is all good.

So have a Happy New Years, ‘Matuunda ya Kwanza’, Merry Christmas, Good Shopping, Happy Festivus, Happy Chanukah, have a Wonderful Yule or Jolly Jól, a Safe Solstice, and roll them all up into
one great big
Happy Holidays.


Not true. Most Christians are aware that Muslims don’t drink.

Merry Christmas everybody ! Aren’t we glad that no fasting is involved in this season? Burp.

Here! Here! I raise a glass to all of you whatever you are celebrating.

To me, the purpose of the season (really any season) is wishing goodwill to ALL.

So, happy holidays and goodwill to all. May you all find peace and happiness in the upcoming year!

Can you come do my house next? :smiley:

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody! (We won’t be around tomorrow, so Merry Christmas, too! Or whatever you are celebrating, or chosing not to celebrate, or whatever holiday for your particular leanings falls around this time of year.)

This is not my best time since I love to sing Gounod’s Ave Maria and Adeste Fidelis every christmas. My voice is the equivelant of a cat in heat right now and I hate it. I hate this stupid virus shit, and I don’t mean the computer. God damn I want to be able to sing this shit. What? Am I in the wrong thread?

Merry Christmas everyone!!! We celebrated on Christmas Eve sunday as China bambina has school today.

China Bambina prepared quite a tasty midnight snack for Santa, and was well rewarded. Who knew Santa made a special Christmas Eve trip to China so he would be so busy on Christmas itself? Chinettes liked the presents but too young still to ‘get’ any of the holiday part.

The pie is baked, the hard sauce made. Now the wife has to do the turkey and potatoes. We’ll schlep it all over to Mom’s in the morning, where I’ll do the greens, rolls, stuffing and crudites. Mom will add the fruit salad. Then we feast, open gifts, and generally try to not get each others nerves like we usually do.

To all of my fellow Dopers and Doperettes…may the season find you happy and well, and may the years ahead be long and productive. I wish every one of you a Joyous Noel.

I’m just heading to bed (its two AM), after polishing off a few beers and watching From Dusk till Dawn on DVD. You may say From Dusk till Dawn is not a very Christmassy movie… And you’d be right. But hey.

Happy Christmas to all!!

I have three batches of raised waffle batter rising in the garage 'fridge, a metric ton of bacon keeping it company, and anywhere from 13-20 people coming for breakfast in the morning! Come early for a good breakfast; come late and get grass and rain water. Or eggs, if you prefer. :wink: Prime rib later at Mom’s (sis is cooking). I get to take a salad plate. Yay!

Happy whatever you celebrate, everyone!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night, since I have to work in the morning.