Merry Christmas

Enjoy the season and have a happy new year.:slight_smile:

This is going to be the best Christmas ever.

To all celebrating a Holiday: Have a safe and happy one!

Yeah, whatever you’re doing may it warm a place in you and yours’ hearts.

And a joyous Festivus to the rest of us!

eyes suspiciously

OK, what do you really want?

And happy Boxing Day.

Merry Christmas!

(and don’t nobody shoot your eye out)

I think there are reindeer on the roof.

PEACE on all a’ y’all!!! :D;):slight_smile:

The Quasis

Merry Christmas!

(And merry all the other current winter holidays, too. But tomorrow is Christmas, so make it merry. :slight_smile: )

We’re off to the annual Christmas Eve Posole dinner at our friend’s house in a few minutes. It’s the traditional way we Jews/Buddhists/Atheists celebrate…

I’m glad to see that some of you aren’t shying away from the traditional “Merry Christmas”. It’s very refreshing to see. This year, I decided to just wish everyone a peaceful holiday with wishes for a peaceful world, and let it go at that.

I’m no “Miss Manners” (by a long shot), but it’s just tough to know, isn’t it, how you should voice your wish (es), so I vote for the tradional greetings followed by a “don’t get your panties in a wad”, if someone doesn’t like it.

Merry Christmas, dammit! :wink:


Have a wonderful holiday all. I hope you all have plenty to eat and someone you care about to share it with.

Mele Kalikimaka!


I hope each and every one of you have the happiest of holidays, no matter which one you celebrate.

Merry Christmas, doper friends, I appreciate that you are always there and just a post away.

Whatever my question, comment or concern, there always seems to be someone on the receiving end - how delightful that is.

'Tis a joy to be here with you all!

My love too all for a happy Christmas (or whatever) season.

The NORAD Santa Tracker currently places the jolly old elf in Shannon, Ireland.

Bedtime, North American kiddies! Merry Christmas to all!

Awwwww, Santa!!!!!! :wink:


He’s gonna be watchin’…

“3 thousand sets of drums”!!! Yeah!!!

Ray Stevens rocks, and everybody here in Georgia’s his cousin!