Fuck Christmas

Let’s have some music for this: https://www.google.com/search?safe=active&rlz=1C1GGRV_enUS754US754&q=Fear+Fuck+Christmas&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAIWSsY7UMBCGSQE6fIt0Cl0KdDpR0CVx5M2mRlzFCQm2X63jONms4yROsOM8Bs9xHTUPwD0AJQUdb0DJgth4Osrf3_wzv8e-eHyzCssw7kmtmoYSjHixV9dDK8vhwTujY62rzT85RERE07R2Uicdp64Yl11jHR3mSfdONscNOwLZZ0Q5aeL6mD94z_7ImDGjmd1phxXt6tLJUVJcu8Fzp1XjqJ04NY5mnEJvh0nNHE1HEwlH-4RVPegsqMQLXZO5khXwDlUcO_l3j67VdMrJwFyyi0DIvs5Ueb4wnzklGwOX17BaQnNCMkAVaRRIqSsGrjTnBotz6zxdGxLjGUzmiWYwtZQDoLjXSy5qLU9HBpaZlkkOPoQ2lIBHHSc-aVc8SVXCd6HYAm8_r_MO_ABVUrBbGinMlhwbjLXI1KJPzjRlKdiI6a0BuWoTkx_eF-_y6uev78-Dz96n-6_fvHsPXb1t26EQ9n0h9mPBtq3_Ej15I8fDaP0ArYKLsAkjPCnx6lGA0KJ8hS4_FOO2vWvZgVs_9_fo6V3R0EIN77i_Reh1K0SRj4dW-rfoJngR5stBqIq8Vewgy10uPg7jyXPqfo3-U7P6DTkWrxakAwAA&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwio-NeBqoTfAhU3GDQIHfiDC4sQri4IZg

For those of you who celebrate the birth of your Lord and Savior with religious reverence, this thread is not for you. Thanks for checking in, though.

For everyone else, fuck off.

Are you ready for Christmas? Fuck off.

Hows your Christmas shopping going? Fuck off.

Going home for Holidays? Fuck off.

*Are you going to decorate your cubical? * Fuck off.

Fuck anyone who has Christmas songs on a playlist this month.

Fuck anyone who has turned a Christmas song in a sales commercial.

Fuck anyone who has suggested via commercial that buying your spouse a new car for Christmas and parking it in the driveway with a bow on it is a good idea. And where it the horse you rode in on?

Fuck anyone who has ever participated in a sit-com version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ or ‘Its a Wonderful Life’ on any level.

Fuck anyone who sends me a Christmas card.

Fuck Hallmark for the rest of year, and some of next year.

See you next year.

Guess who’s getting coal in his stocking.


They’re decorating office doors here today. I already got harassed about it. I drew a star on a piece of paper and taped it to my door. I got the “Oh andros, you’re so wacky!” but at least they stopped bugging me for the moment.

Fuck you all, you Christmas-fetishizing goons.

Obligatory Fear link

Trying to out Grinch the Grinch with an “edgy” rant? Ok.

Soooooo…that would be a “no” for fruitcake?

Arrrrggghhhh!!! I forgot. Walmart stopped carrying my Mocha Mix so that they could make room for Eggnog.

Walmart? Fuck off!

yay I did this last year for the board I have a few to add :
fuck the buying of 1-2 k in "must have " toys that will get played with maybe once a month then shoved in a room that could fill 2 or 3 empty toys r us stores until next October and then shoved in a bin in a closet until its remembered they have it once a year

and fuck the idea that if said kids don’t get it all they’ll die of shame and disappointment and their world will end

fuck the better homes and gardens 1960s style of cramming so many decorations in every room of a house that it could fill 3 or 4 shelves of a Walmart ………

and fuck me for helping to enable all of this bs this

Can you call an OP a “bitter asshole”, or does the “no insulting the poster just the post” rule still apply even in the Pit? Please advise.

Do you know what you need?
A candy cane!

Or maybe A Care Bears Christmas Album will cheer you up?

I feel you, man. I am slowly becoming accustomed to the tinkly sounds of xmas tunes. About the time i think its great, it’ll be over. Alas, another year over. Oh well, we’ll live. Maybe.

Are you kidding? You can tell that fucking cunt to go fuck himself sideways, the silly motherfucker.

Now that we can say whatever, it seems like people are being less vitriolic in the Pit. Eh, Miller?

I’m in it for the cookies.

It’s cliched to be cynical at Christmas.

Is my favourite Christmas song.

It’s by Half Man Half Biscuit.

You can call him a bitter asshole.

Hating Christmas doesn’t make one bitter or an asshole. The whole fucking thing is stupid. Especially since about 1880. (date arbitrarily chosen, so don’t ask me what happened in 1880)

I have finally convinced my wife to do Christmas right this year. No tree, no lights, no special meal, and no presents. She agreed to a Chinese Restaurant for 12/25 dinner and a completely stress free “holiday season.”

I must also admit to a certain euphoria when I pass the Christmas tree lot or see the crowds around the local mall.

Fine, more pierogies for me.

I misread that as Piss on the Christmas tree. I was thinking, well, I’m in general agreement but that’s just unsanitary.


Well, I used to love Christmas in New York. All the pretty lights! It’s a fun holiday to observe… from a safe distance.