So Why Do Dopers Know This Stuff Long Before The Rest Of The Planet?

Many, many times I read stuff here and other forums that show up in the news weeks, and sometimes, months later. In fact, some of the news articles and opinions bear an uncanny resemblance to well-thought out views and opinions found on the SDMB.

Other times, we are just frickin’ way ahead of the general population.

Case in point …

Recession or not, we have bacon experts here coming out of the woodwork.

So why are we so good at this??

I take full credit.
You’re welcome.

Honestly though I think it’s just the vibe of this place. Lots of people here with a very broad scope of interests who like to share neat things they’ve recently discovered.
Plus I have to admit I think there’s a bit of the internet “FIRST!!!” meme going on - it’s cool to be the first to bring something up.

We shouldn’t sprain a wrist patting ourselves on the back. We’re rarely the first to discover something on the internet here. We’re more the frontier city, getting stuff that’s been discovered by the mountain men, handed off to the frontier forts, and brought to us by pony express. We then pack it into the train and send it to the coastal big cities of the general population. We’re squarely in the middle of the chain.

Good point


Fair enough. And hilarious. :smiley:

In which case, I’ma changin’ ma Dopername to Al Swerengen, and I’ma gonna open me up a virtual saloon and cat house.

On second thought, I guess Giraffe has already done that.

The vast psychic powers that our giant brains grant us.