So why don't I have genital warts?

I had a plantar wart on my heel, I suspect from walking barefoot on the floor of a community shower at college. I cured it in the following manner:

  1. Get some wart removal goop (salicylic acid), preferably the kind specifically for plantar warts.
  2. Get a roll of duck tape.
  3. Apply the goop to the area of the wart that you can see, and over the area of the wart under the skin (they can be much larger than the part that breaks the surface).
  4. Cover the area with duck tape, and continue on your day or night.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the entire area turns white (use your own judgment).
  6. Take a long bath, soaking your foot until nice and soft.
  7. As it dries out, pick at the edges of the white area. It should peel back, and you can pull the chunk of skin out from whatever depth you managed to penetrate. Once you have cleared the dead skin out, check for any remnants of the wart and use the acid to kill them off as well.

The one in my heel had spread pretty far, but this treatment allowed me to pull a chunk about a 1/8 inch deep and as big around as a silver dollar out and completely eradicate the wart in one pass. In a few weeks, the crater left had completely filled and was unnoticeable.

I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard… I have tears in my eyes … A close runner up was the woman who was talking about her ex-husbands “package” oozing from his boxer shorts. Holy shit you guys are too much! LOL :smiley:
Of course PHAGE had to go RUIN it all by making my big smile turn into some contorted look of disgust in SECONDS as he described the removal of a wart! But that’s ok … Ya learn something new every day.

Yes to the duct tape! Just a few weeks ago I got rid of some plantar warts that developed in the summer of 2002. Plain ol’ salicylic acid wouldn’t work but duct tape did the trick. I am forever grateful to this tape.

I also heard that spending a day barefoot on the beach makes the wart skin shed off, but I only read it from a couple of people at this one board.

Now there’s a quote.

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