So Will Smith punched Chris Rock at the Oscars last night

For commuting assault on a presenter at the actual ceremony where the award would be presented? That’s the least weird circumstance for line drawing. It’s unambiguous. It’s right in front of everybody. It’s an affront to the Academy itself. And it’s right at the place where the awards are given. There’s no better time or place to revoke an award.

Or LAPD to trespass him.

And Chris acknowledges things publicly, saying very little though.

I don’t know why they didn’t award Smith’s Oscar to the next person on the list before it was announced. It would seem like the easiest way to remove his presence from the show. Note to camera people, avoid any shots of Smith.

That does NOT necessarily prove it was definitely NOT staged.

Though I not sure Chris Rock is the type of person who would be willing to take a legitimate slap/punch to “sell” a publicity stunt.

Everybody hates Chris?

to what possible end?

For more publicity for the both of them.

This thread is proof of that --we would not have a 400+ post thread on this message board about Will Smith and Chris Rock if this incident did NOT happen.

Chris Rock has a comedy tour that already started and the incident has driven up interest in it.

Why is this still in Cafe??

How is a violent act good publicity? Neither of them are struggling artists. They’re both millionaires many times over. This is a time in history when careers are burnt to the ground over bad publicity.

If it had been a staged incident, there’s no way the aftermath would have continued the way it has. It’s hard to imagine Chris holding his tongue while Will gets pilloried if that were the case. There’s a limit to the “any publicity is good publicity” maxim.

And then people will ask, well, why hasn’t Harvey Weinstein lost his? Why haven’t they sent for Roman Polanski’s? I mean, it’ll never end.

He was voted the award by his peers; that’s a matter of historical fact. Now, if you want to kick him out of the Academy and tell him he can never attend the Oscars again, that’s appropriate.

Nominations have been revoked before after voting already happened, not like it would be the first time ever.

For bad behaviour at the same Oscars? Less “weird” and more “appropriate”, IMO.

…and that can be resolved during the investigation/before trial. I’m not saying Smith should be locked up for this nor am I saying Rock must be dragged through trial hell. I’m saying an arrest for assault and battery should have been as a first principle. It was a public act with billions of witnesses that was allowed to pass because of the power of the perpetrator. Not a good look.

No, I made one about how it should work.

It matters a lot. He gets to smack someone in the face and then make a speech about how he come from love and is a work in progress. He gets to win everything so he will never learn without being sued for 200 million.

If it matters, despite the support he received from Hollywood A-listers that night…all the jokes people made about Smith during the last decade are being aired out by comedians (in very very vile forms).

  • If you want a gentle to watch gentle moralizing just watch the late night hosts (Kimmel, Corden),
  • if you want tough criticism check out your favourite stand ups (Limmy, Rogen, Smiley, Hughley)
  • if you want the most nasty comments, look to these “internet famous” comics (Corey Holcomb, Aba & Preach, Flagrant 2)

The last of which (while they are a bit too hurtful and mean spirited for me to link without feeling horrible) do represent, quite accurately, the kind of jokes the Smiths have been receiving for years.

They put their private life out there, that’s on them. Doesn’t mean they get to slap someone in the face for a lame joke. Its just that simple.

I agree. They have opened themselves up to the public in many ways and this invited public commentary. Very mean public commentary. Sad but doesn’t give Smith the right to attack Rock. Not at all.

Not a big follower of the Oscars, but in the past, I do recall thinking some of the jokes struck me as - um - nasty towards the folk in the audience, and bringing in their personal lives rather than their work. Chris Rock’s joke wasn’t at all funny, but impressed me as awfully tame. In fact - not being personally involved, almost impressed me as mildly affectionate/respectful.

Especially aimed at a family unit that has chosen to very publicly present things others might choose to keep private. You don’t get to go public and completely dictate the ensuing conversation solely in the way you prefer.

Talk of criminal prosecution is ridiculous IMO. But I would hope Will Smith receives some harm to his brand/reputation. He acted badly - both in his actions and words. Not minor transgressions, and not nearly proportionate to the perceived insult.

All revoked nominations were because of matters of eligibility for the award.

Yes, good. Make them explain why. “Weinstein didn’t actually come on stage and assult someone at the very ceremony at which he received the award” is a pretty reasonable explanation.

I’m good with that.