So Will Smith punched Chris Rock at the Oscars last night

Basically, Chris made some jokes about Jada. Very tame ones if you ask me. Will appears to laugh at first. But then he walks right up on stage and smacks Chris right in the mouth.

Will was a total fucking ass in my opinion.


wow and he wasnt kicked out?

There’s a long blow-by-blow commentary in the Oscars thread, starting about here (post 70-ish):


<Takes a bow.>

I guess I’ll repeat what I said in the Oscar thread.

Rock. You were done worst then hit. You were upstaged. Smith has just made you take the brunt of all the public’s jokes about him and his wife. Hell, he just gave you a free ticket to go hard on him. Wear the hit, smile, and just continue making jokes about him.

Must have been the shock.

Nah. It’s better in the moment to say whatever it takes to get the violent, angry man to deescalate.

In other news, Jussie Smollett has just filed assault charges against Will Smith.

I 100% agree. I’m a deescalator in life.

But when you are a comedian on stage at the Oscars who was threatened or beat for your joke… maybe it’d be a better move to just allow the violent, angry man show how ugly he’ll take his violent, angriness.

Just let Smith be violent and angry at you.

Assuming this wasn’t all staged, they both appear to have been assholes.

I disagree. They’re both comedians. Roasting each other is part of the job description.

Rock shouldn’t have made the joke and Will shouldn’t have hit him. Two wrongs.

Good thing Alec Baldwin’s wife doesn’t have alopecia.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are different people.

They’re in the business they are in the public eye. It’s a part of the job. If you’re so thin skinned, maybe this gig ain’t for you.

Will Smith was wrong, wrong, wrong to do what he did. Hollywood, as a whole, got this wrong too. They shouldn’t have been comforting Will afterwards either. They should have condemned the violence.

Really just grossed out by the whole lot of them at the moment.

Huh? It was basically Chris Rock’s job to make make jokes about the attendees. It’s a damn joke. Rock was in no way in the wrong, and this is all on Smith. I’m amazed that Rock kept his cool as much as he did.

Chris Rock is going to help himself to some Will Smith money now.

They’re both to blame, but Rock was joking about a physical infirmity. He should have known better.

This. If Will had just come up and made an angry statement-that would have been fine. But smacking him was over the line. It came across as overbearing alpha male crap.