So Yelp isn't very realistic?

I have 50+ Yelp reviews and none of them are filtered; on the other hand, I have lots of useful/funny/cool clicks, so maybe that factors in.

Thanks for all of the replies.

There are always two sides to every story. When I read reviews, I like to hear the different perspectives people have had.

I’m very disappointed in Yelp and it’s doubtful I’ll use them again.

It can’t just be # of reviews and friends–I’ve only written three reviews and have one friend, and the only review that’s filtered is for a craft supply store that has all their reviews filtered.

A photo of yourself helps them consider you “real.”

I am a long time Yelper, and have had only 1 review filtered.

But I also deal with Yelp at work for our work pages. They call, they offer advertising etc. but have never suggested helping with the reviews, FWIW.

Also, sometimes a review is filtered out, and appears again later. No rhyme or reason to that that I can see, but it drives the bosses crazy.

A friend of mine runs a fitness club. He company has two reviews, and 23, count em 23 filtered reviews.Of course the two published ones are critical, and the other ones are mostly good. It’s been driving him crazy, but there’s nothing to be done.

Sure there is. He contacts Yelp and tells them he’s willing to pay for their assistance. Presto, the negative reviews go away and the positive ones appear.