So, you finally got the flu, eh?

Well…I’ve finally accepted it. I’ve got the flu. I fought the valiant fight, seeing as how my co-workers have been sick off and on for 6 weeks. They’re all over it now…but I’ve got the fever, the chills, stuffy head, general aches and pains.

I was hoping not to get it. But, I suppose I was doomed from the start, since I am now working in the same building as people with small children. I also ride the subway every day, and I’m sure that exposes me to a lot. I also haven’t had a case of the flu since my junior year in college…7 years ago this month. I suppose it was time.
I guess this means I get to go back to bed, wake up later, make a trip to walmart or target for some medicine, then come home and sleep some more.

Fellow sickie here. I very much understand, except count yourself lucky - I get sick at the drop of a hat. You think my immune system would be better built up by now.
I ended up taking a day off earlier this week, and three days off the week before. Just start to get over it and BAM! Sick again.
And I can’t stay home because we are down to 3.5 people in the office. (Of the six we started with this year, one transferred to another city and one quit last Wednesday. The .5 person is leaving on Tuesday, and I suspect all she does is read the internet all day.)
If only my ears would stop ringing. And my throat would stop hurting. And I could stop shaking. And I could breathe. Then I’d be alright. (No fever, so I’m okay there.)

Be too.

I never get sick…

Except for this time. I’m mostly over it now, except for a last stand that seems to be occurring behind my eyeballs. A virtual battleground of white cells vrs virus shock troops. I’m fine unless I try to move my eyeballs in which case I renew my prayers for a quick death.

I usually ask the people at work if their air filtration system can trap a particle 5 microns in size, about the size of a flu particle. If not, it just blows them around to every other room, infecting everyone.

But of course, the answer always is ‘huh?’

I took yesterday off. Stayed home and sweated basically all day, except for the 30 minutes I went to the store to resupply my cache of chicken noodle soup, green tea and Ricola (with honey).

I’ve noticed a lot of people mentioning that everyone around them has been “low-grade” sick for weeks. Here it’s been about 2 months, everyone has been sniffling for weeks! I think the only reason I dropped is my snowboarding without a hat (so my ass hurt, it felt good though because I was able to get out on the snow, then I got a massage and felt wonderful, then I got a cold :mad: ).

I used to get strep throat 2 or 3 times a year, well, for about 4 years I did, but I haven’t for about a year now. The upside was that that was the only time I was sick and it would usually last about 3 days or so; the downside is that now that I don’t get strep, I’m getting the flu! <sheesh>

A flu comes on all at once. But a cold comes on a little at a time. That’s usually how you know which one you have.

I’ve had something for 4 days now, and I guess I should count myself lucky. I’ve had a temp of 99.5 (I’m actually usually below 98.6) and muscle/bone aches all day. Other than that, I’m fine–no sniffles, no sore throat, no coughing or malaise. I guess it’s possible my body’s just doing a really good job of fighting off the flu, although I still have the slight fever and the body aches.

NyQuil is my friend.

I did that last weekend and the first 3 days of this week. The only thing I could really compare it to was the mono I had in high school. Finally, it’s like my body just gave in and decided to be sick instead of fighting.

Hope yours doesn’t progress anymore.

Sick here, too. Not the flu, though, thank goodness. Me, my husband, and both of my kids.

I’ve been sick off & on since last summer. Then a couple of weeks ago, I went to the dentist because I had a horrible toothache. Turns out I had a cyst on a wisdom tooth. The dentist said it was infected, and had probably been there and chronically infected for a while. Which probably explains why I’ve been catching every bug around these parts lately. My immune system was busy dealing with this cyst in my jaw.

So, I got the offending tooth removed. Of course, I was feeling a little out-of-sorts, but not as bad as I thought I’d feel. A day or so later, my throat started hurting. On Monday, my son was running a fever, and I was feeling a bit sniffly. By Tuesday, we both had bad colds. Yesterday, my daughter started coughing, and my husband started complaining that he’s got it too.

Yikes. I hate it when this happens.