"So you hate your job?...

Join the club. It’s called everybody. We’re thinking of starting a bar."

~The infinite wisdom of Drew Carey~

After a particularly shitty day at work, during which I was harrassed, overworked, abused, and reduced to tears…I’m wondering. Who else hates their job?

Feel free to bitch about how the indecencies you are forced to deal with every day. Be explicit…maybe a manager or two might read it and get a clue!

Be my guest!

How about 10-11 hour days for months with no relief. And I’m salaried, so no overtime. They told me if I wanted relief that I would have to locate them myself. What do I look like? The HR dept? I finally found someone a couple months ago luckily, so I am now working 4-10 hour days a week.