So You Think You Can Dance?

(I figure I’ll leave the subject line generic so it can be used all series if we want.)

I missed the first few minutes of the first regular episode – did they explain how the mechanics of elimination will work?

Not how the bootees will be chosen (the female and male with the lowest audience votes from the six selected by the judges) but how they’ll announce it? Because, obviously, the ‘standard’ gimmick of “none of the competitors know and we try to create suspense by torturing them for half an hour during a results show” system of Idol won’t work.

For one thing, apparently there isn’t going to be a second weekly result show. :wink:

But otherwise they’ll have to let the competitors know early, and that risks it being leaked.

If they don’t want the competitors to know, how could they manage it? Suppose Bob and Carol are the two voted out, but during the random draw for partners, Bob is paired with Alice and is set to learn a mambo, while Ted is paired with Carol and they train on a hiphop routine. After the eliminations are announced, what happens to Alice and Ted? Pair them together and let them fight over which routine to do?
I suppose the producers could try to rig the draw to ensure that the losers ‘just happen’ to be paired up, but that would introduce the whole idea of the show being rigged, and I bet that’s out. Not to mention that the contestants will pretty quickly tumble to the idea that if two of the six up for elimination ‘just happen’ to be paired together it means that THEY are the ones out.