So, you want to go legit? (downloading songs)

You like downloading music, but your conscience is getting to you and you’re tired of stealing songs. Unfortunately, the music buisness has yet to come up with a service that is satisfactory (to me, anyway).

My question is, what would like to see in an industry-run music service. Pay-per-songs? Or subscription? What would be a fair price?
I would like the right to rip my downloads to disk or portable memory, not just play them in my computer.

I would also like, as an option, an attached file with the history of the song, writer and artist, something like liner notes; maybe some pictures thrown in.

A seperate section for downloading videos or film clips of artists and songs from the pre-music video era.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I think this could be win-win, if the charges were for hi-fi downloads only. Radio-quality lo-fi downloads should be free.

This would leave lots of music out there to sample, with consumers and record companies both to benefit.