Soaking leather for a tight fit.

Does soaking leather garments in warm water, and then wearing them until they are dry, really work? Does it harm the leather?

I have new Docs and they are breaking in VERY slowly, so I was thinking about speeding up the process a little by taking a bath with my boots on. You know, sorta like Bo Derek in Bolero. Except instead of being a gorgeous Blonde wearing leather pants, I’d be a nekkid guy wearing boots. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d of course apply leather conditioner afterwards.

Any comments, suggestions?

Take care-

No experience with garments but it works great with boots. I used to do it with every pair of work boots until I found a company that builds really comfortable custom boots.

You want to get them really, really soaking wet and wear them until they are completly dry. Miserable for a day, comfort forever.

If you do this, be sure that your shoes ARE COMPLETELY DRY before applying any conditoner or sealer. If you fail to do this, your shoes may very well start to rot.