Soap on DVD - my evening is complete

Just got the Season One box set of one of the greatest shows of the 70’s (or any time for that matter) - Soap!

Still funny after 26 years! Beats the hell out of about 98% of anything on the air today.

The set is worth it just to see Richard Mulligan.

I wish I could write a “Quote” of Richard Mulligan in this post of him shaking his hands, then snapping his fingers as he turned himself invisible. Funny as hell.

Oooh! Oooh! Must have!

I taped every frickin’ episode years ago when Comedy central ran a Soap Marathon, but the DVD would be the way to go!

I loved it when Burt snapped his fingers just as the aliens beamed him up, right in front of Mary.

That, and his facial expressions whenever Jodie mentions anything about being gay.

Could we have a linky link please?