Soap opera introduces transgendered character

All My Children (which was, IIRC, the first soap to have an openly gay character), is introducing a story line about at transgendered character – link.

They’re going to wait and see what audience reaction is before deciding whether to follow through with it or not … whaddya think, hit or miss?

Paah, we’ve had a transexual in Coronation Street, Britain’s biggest soap, for 8 years

Yup. Behind the times again.

We’re so proactive!

Didn’t Billy Crystal’s character on Soap try and get a sex change way back in the seventies?

Yep. He was goign to have a sex change so he could marry his quarterback boyfriend.

Because gay and transsexual meant exactly the same in the 1970s.

There was already a transgendered character on a short-run soap the City back in the mid-90s. The character was played by a female-since-birth actress. (who didn’t in any way look like she could ever have been a man.) She was also written out of the show almost immediately after the big reveal took place.
“One Life to Live” also briefly introduced a transgendered character in the mid-90s, this time actually played by a M2F transgendered person, a bartender at “RJ’s” nightclub. But likewise, the character was kept on the back-burner and written out very quickly.

Does Mrs. Doubtfire count?

Um, since Mrs Doubtfire was a) not transgendered and b) a character from a film, I would say the answer is “no.” Actually I’d say more but (checks forum) never mind.

David Duchovny played a transgendered FBI agent on Twin Peaks. At least, that’s how I remember the role. It’s possible that the agent was a transvestite. My memory of Twin Peaks is a bit dim.

I heard on the radio that the character is not transgendered - yet. This will be the first character that is going through the process on a soap.

We have also had transgendered characters before but this is a first for us.

Denise Bryson, formerly Dennis. M2F and lesbian to boot.

Thanks, Otto. I’d totally forgotten about the lesbian aspect.

I thought the person is considered transgendered the whole time??