Soap Opera moments in your life

There was once during high school, I got into bitter argument with a friend (over something childish, I afraid). I used to walk home after school, and that day was walking with a friend of the antagonist in question.

He asked me what the heck was going on. I shrugged and said something close to “X can be bossy at times…”

Then to my surprise, X strode right up to us and pointed an accusing finger at me. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s the soap opera cliche of “Being overheard in conservation”

Looking forward to times when your life mimics “Days of our lives”

My experiences have been closer to “My Name is Earl” than a soap opera:

  • Two brothers that have Earl and Randy’s general personalities, except they both looked like Randy (but the older, ‘smarter’ brother did have a mustache).

  • Older bro had a past girlfriend who had seven children by five different babydaddies, she even looked like Joy(bad blond hair don’ts, spandex, gum chewing) but was more of a Patty the daytime hooker personality (she claimed he was babydaddy #3 to kid #4…where was Maury??).

  • Knew a guy that was the real-life spitting image both physically and personality-wise that was just like Cotton from “King of the Hill” - except he didn’t loose his shins in the war :slight_smile:

My exhusband is married to my current husbands exfiancee. Both men were roommates when they were assigned to the same submarine.

I got involved in…maybe it was more junior high than soap operatic…I don’t know. It was very drama-y, and I hated it.

Last year, I was in my first year of working on my masters degree. A couple of my friends were in their second years, and both had taken the exam to be a Presidential Management Fellow. (If you don’t know what this is, it’s a big freaking deal for civil servant types.) They were both good friends with each other as well. The results for PMF had started trickling in, with awardees being privately notified by email prior to the results being announced on the PMF website, and everyone was abuzz that so and so had gotten it and so and so hadn’t heard and have you heard that X got PMF, etc.

Anyway, on a Friday afternoon, one of my friends, M, and I were chatting, and I asked him directly if he’d gotten PMF. He told me he had. I told him congratulations, and he asked me not to tell anyone about it. I agreed.

On Monday, the results for PMF were released to the general public, but M didn’t realize this, and neither did I. Our friend S didn’t get it, but moreover, when looking at the results, was extremely insulted that M hadn’t told her, that she’d had to find out from a website. She went to him and basically bitched him out.

BUT WHERE HAD SHE LEARNED THIS INFORMATION? Why, it could only have been ME, or so M assumed. He came to me and started bitching ME out for being gossip and hadn’t he told me not to tell anyone and there were only two people who knew he had gotten PMF. I was completely pissed off, since I didn’t know what the fuck he was talking about - I hadn’t told anyone.

Later that same day, he practically threw a hissy fit when someone else congratulated him for getting PMF. It was only then that someone pointed out the results were on the web for all to see. So he looked pretty stupid and apologized to me.

…this is why there aren’t any soap operas about public policy students.

Many years ago, one of Mrs. Shibb’s friends, J* who was recently married into a moneyed, country club sort of family, came to stay with us for a week. She came to just get away for a bit and “clear her head”. As she unpacked her stuff, I looked at my wife and said, “T* is not the father”. My wife insisted I was wrong. Within a day or two she came back to me with “No, T* is not the father, it’s A*, her tennis instructor.” Just about as cliche as you could get. They were even all good looking.

So she had to decide whether to go with security or passion.

There are some other Soap Operaesque (even more over the top) but they’re a little closer to home so I’ll not share those.
*Names omitted and initials changed, just in case.

My whole life from age 14 to age 19 was one big fucking soap opera. Found out I was adopted? Check. From my own mother? Check. Who made big promises and then disappeared? Check. My adoptive parents refused to acknowledge it or discuss it? Check. Got into a relationship parents didn’t approve of? Check. Got told not to come home anymore? Check-check-check.

One of the major goals of the rest of my life has been to make sure my life never resembles a soap opera again.