SoCal Summer Dopefest?

I’m interested. I like some Dim Sum.

There’s also the Pasadena Yard House too…and Brea, and Rancho Cucamonga (ok…I’m being a little selfish there)…

I could more easily get to one of those three. Selfish here too. :wink:

Pasadena or Brea would work for me. RC is getting a bit out there.

I can probably do Pasadena depending on when.

Pasadena sounds OK for me also, as long as it’s near the Gold Line.

So far it seems like the Pasadena Yardhouse is the most popular. I originally wanted to go to the Costa Mesa location but a Friday night Pasadena Dopefest would be extremely convenient for me.
Does Pasadena sound good for everyone? Who wont be able to make it there because of the location?

I looked on Google maps and it seems like it’s a .4 mile walk from the gold line.

Pasedena works.

I am in for Pasadena.

I can do Friday but would prefer a weekend.

The traffic on a Friday will be a whole lot worse. I’d vote for a weekend.

I’m in. Unless I’m on call.

I can do a Friday or weekend.

Pasadena sounds great to me…love the 15 and 210 freeways. No July 7th for me though, even though that would be really soon anyways.

And we can drop you back off on the line on the way out.

Pasadena looks like the winner.
Now the question is when. I can’t go on the 7th or 21st. I am clear on the 14th and the 28th, and any Sunday.
How about the rest of you?

I am pretty flexible.

I can’t go the 21st or 22nd. Otherwise, I’m open.

I can’t commit to a date before the end of the month due to some open-ended work-related travel, but the only dates I can’t make for certain are the 14/15th. Hopefully, whatever you guys pick will end up working.