SoCal Summer Dopefest?

Trying to gauge interest. Anyone interested?

Just one bump if you guys don’t mind. :slight_smile:

I’m interested.

Here thar be interest.

bumping. Come on guys, it’s summer, let’s go!

I propose either the Yard House, or Dim Sum.

I could probably make the Yard House.

Which one?

I like the one in Costa Mesa myself, but I’m flexible.

Location should depend on the attendees. Downtown LA may end up making more sense.

I’m in.

Desert Rat checking in…I am interested as well.

This is just a shot in the Dark…Stone Brewery and Bistro in Escondido. (Maybe more apt for San Diego Dopers…or gasp…an LA/SD dopefest?

I think we should keep this one in L.A./O.C. but I am definitely interested in Stone Brewery Dopefest! Can we somehow do both?

I’m interested, but downtown LA would be easier for me because of the train.

Given my druthers Dim Sum in China Town, Pasadena, or the Yard House in Costa Mesa (with a field trip to Ho Times Liquor) gets my vote.

I might be able to attend depending on when and where the event is held.


I don’t think I’ve been there.

It’s hard being BevMo’s little brother. It’s just a phase. He’s doing it for attention. :smiley:

Is there a Downtown L.A. option you guys want to give? As of right now, Costa Mesa Yardhouse is the most popular.

I have free seats in my car if anyone needs to carpool.

I’ll ask about dates either tomorrow afternoon or Thursday morning.

What was the dim sum place? Empress?

Empress Pavilion.

And, again, there’s a Yardhouse in Downtown LA, as well.