SoCal Dopefest?

Anybody want to organize one? It’s been forever. I’m not even mildly volunteering, but I’d spread the word.

I’m game to attend. Not yet in a mental state to organize. But I’m happy to volunteer Silver Tyger Girl because I’m a giver that way. :slight_smile:

What, exactly, is involved in organizing? Not that I’m volunteering, mind you.

I’m not volunteering, but I’m always interested.

Generally speaking, you need to be the one who starts putting forth suggestions (in terms of date and location), keeping track of what other people suggest, making a determination about when to cut off new ideas and how to make a final decision. And once date and time have been set, you need to track how many folks are coming in the event that reservations need to be made, and make yourself available by cell for those that need help with directions or other miscellany. Also, you need to be able to handle the awesomeness that is Silenus’ Attire.

Sounds complicated, but I can tell you I’ve been at least partially responsible for organizing a couple of 'fests, and all of the LA-area folks are very cooperative and helpful, and these things have a way of working themselves out.

I mean, not that you’re volunteering…

I promised Asimovian that I would do my best to make it to this next one so…I will try my best to make it if someone else volunteers to organize it.

If people can hold on to their hats for a couple of weeks until I get settled in my new place, I can take it on. But I certainly don’t mind if someone else wants to make it go.

Depends when and where, but I may come :slight_smile:

Same here, basically…

I would prefer if we all wait until after Memorial Day at least, since I am booked fairly solid until then.

Mid- to late-June i could do, but i’m going to be away from late May until June 15, then from June 28 until about July 12. Anytime after July 12 would be fine.

Don’t have one while i’m away! I missed the last one, and i want to meet all the SoCal Dopers. <insert pouting smiley here>

There is a Vegas DopeFest set for July 11-12. Comic-Con is July 24-26. Other than those dates we’re free.

Mid to late June is also do-able.

I got a great bottle of bear out of the last one. I’m game for another one.
A couple of people have said mid to late June?

First decision - Location - vote for one or more of:
Orange County (e.g. Costa Mesa)
Long Beach
Los Angeles

Second decision - weekday - vote for one or more of

Third decision - Date - vote for one or more of
Saturday 13 June 2009
Sunday 14 June 2009
Saturday 20 June 2009
Sunday 21 June 2009
Saturday 27 June 2009
Sunday 28 June 2009

Fourth decision - venue - vote for one or more of
Coffee shop
Museum (we had a So. Cal. Dopefest many years ago at the LA County Art Museum)
Garden (e.g. Huntington Library)

Any of the first three; Pasadena’s a bit out of the way for me.

Either one.

20, 21, 27, or 28 would all be fine.

I’m not especially fussy. If it’s a restaurant, some vegetarian options on the menu would be nice.

Of course, you know what my suggestion is going to be! :smiley:
Costa Mesa (Yardhouse), either day, June 20, 21, 27 or 28. I have more door prizes!

I would prefer the 27 or 28 to 20 or 21 because I will be out of town the weekend of the 21/22 and would once again miss the fest.

Of course, if none of you want me there…

I, too, would prefer 27/ 28 of those dates.

I’ll vote for Saturday.

I vote for Costa Mesa, Yard House, Sunday 6/14- I will be in Aruba the following weekend and not back until after July 6…

I’m up for anything. =^_^=

That Costa Mesa Yardhouse looks pretty good. Decent selection of food for us vegetarian types, and it’s also (relatively) close to San Diego.

As i said, any day of the 20/21 or 27/28 is fine with me. The latter weekend might be a little bit better, because i’m planning to drive to San Francisco around then anyway, and could stay overnight in LA with a friend before heading up to the Bay Area the next day.