SoCal Dopefest - Spring 2008

This may fail miserably, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.

There’s been some discussion (rumbling, if you will) about bringing the Southern California Dopers together for a decently sized get-together. In addition, we learned in this thread that ShibbOleth will be out our way soon. If at all possible, I think it would be fun to bring together the LA and San Diego factions (and, of course, anyone else who is or could be in the area – I’m looking at you, Diosa).

There was at least one suggestion of April, but I know at least one person couldn’t do April if it was in LA. So really, I’d love to have everyone get in here and mention available dates and how far they’d be willing to drive. Off the top of my head, Orange County makes the most sense in terms of trying to get the most people from both areas together, but again, that may change depending on what you all have to say.

So please, share your thoughts, or tell me I’m an idiot for trying (or both, since the two aren’t mutually exclusive).

Go beyond the Orange curtain? Are you MAD???

More seriously, I think it sounds fun. You guys are a blast. I’m pretty open on dates, since I don’t drive I would need to talk my SO into going or catch a ride with someone if it was someplace at a distance like Orange county.

I’m getting married on April 26th (and NO YOU ARE NOT INVITED) so that weekend is out for me.

Did I understand you to say that the Dopefest would be held at your wedding??? :smiley:


I don’t seem to have much scheduled this Spring so any weekend would be fine for me. SD, OC and LA are all fine.

It really depends on the timing for me, as I have a pretty busy April planned already. After April, I think I’m pretty open.

What about a mass camping trip to the desert? :smiley:

May is going to start getting shaky for me as I’ll be in trial prep by that point. What about late March, out of curiousity?

This isn’t some thinly veiled attempt to lose and abandon unliked Dopers, is it? checking to see when I was last Pitted

It will be easy to tell the dopers in attendance at the wedding, we will be the ones wearing the tin foil hats.

April 12/13 and 26/27 are good for us. Driving isn’t a problem.

We could always take over The Yard House.

The Yard House, in Costa Mesa? Excellent! It would be somewhat of a drive for me, but I could probably make it there. :slight_smile: I shall be watching this thread for the date.

Don’t forget the loud Hawaiian shirts.

Of course, we would not leave home without them.
Seriously, congrats on the wedding. May you have many years of happiness.

tries flapping his arms to see if he can fly yet

I’m still trying to make it out there. Just in case I don’t, y’all* go ahead and start without me. Sounds like it should be a lot of fun.

*I’m kind of from the South, so thought I’d throw in a little “Southern flavor” for you.

Woohoo! I’m in :slight_smile:

Hopefully in :slight_smile:

I’m gonna try to make it this time.


As another possibility, I have about 70 tickets left for the Ducks v. Kings game at Staples on April 5th.

Just throwing that out there to see if it sticks on the wall.


I just wanted to point out that there is a perfectly serviceable Yardhouse at the Paseo in Pasadena. (never mind that it’s a block from my office) Just throwing that out there. :smiley: