SoCal Dopefest: Empress Pavillion, Sunday, Dec. 13 @ 11am

I think it’s about time for another Dopefest! I went to my first one in June and it was a blast. What do you guys think?

Bumping this for the weekday post from work people.

I think I can make it this time. Seriously: I have a car now. Lemme know.

Works for me.

Yeah, I’d be in. You know, I saw that **Darryl Lict **suggested a dim sum outing in a NY Dopefest thread, and I couldn’t help but think how cool that would be here, too.

As long is it isn’t the 14th of this month I should be good.

I am up for it, depending of course on availability.
For the curious, here is a link to my pictures from the last two So. Cal. Dopefests I attended.

P.S. I just realized that I never posted my pictures for the last Dopefest (June 2009) in the June 2009 dopefest thread! I could have sworn I did it. I must have forgotten in the rush to prepare for summer vacation. Sorry So. Cal. dopers!

I’d be delighted, but I definitely need warning time to get everything together. Are we talking LA?

Missed the last one, so I’m up for another try.

I would suggest Los Angeles which would be the central location for the great Los Angeles Area. Unless there is a large proportion of people from San Diego.

How about we start voting and proposing dates.

Vote for one location:
Los Angeles
Orange County

Date (vote for one)
Saturday 21 November 2009
Sunday 22 November 2009
(skipping Thanksgiving week-end)
Saturday 5 December 2009
Sunday 6 December 2009
Saturday 12 December 2009
Sunday 13 December 2009

Time (vote for one)
Saturday afternoon around 14:00 (2:00 PM)
Saturday evening around 18:00 (6:00 PM)
Sunday afternoon around 14:00 (2:00 PM)

Once we have a few possibilities down, we can have an honest to goodness polling thread for the final decision.

My votes:
Location (in order of preference): Orange County, Los Angeles, Pasadena

Saturday 21 November, Sunday 22 November, Saturday 5 December

Time: Saturday evening around 18:00 (6:00 PM)
Sunday afternoon around 14:00 (2:00 PM)

And send a PM to people you know to let them know of this thread!

I was going to PM all the members that posted in our last SoCal Dopefest thread but I haven’t had a chance to do it yet. Hopefully, I’ll get around to it tonight.


  1. Los Angeles
  2. Pasadena
  3. Orange County

**Date **
Sunday 6 December 2009

Sunday afternoon around 14:00 (2:00 PM)

However, I stand by my earlier suggestion for dim sum in Chinatown, which would require meeting slightly earlier since dim sum ends at 2pm.

Dim sum!!! I agree a morning option for dim sum would be good. Chinatown, L.A. is easy-ish to get to on Amtrak from Orange County, removing parking woes.

Pasadena (first choice); anything else is okay, too.

Any Sunday (first choice); Saturday 11/21 and 12/5 would need to be p.m. only.

Time is dependent on date; I guess the Sunday time is preferable in what we have so far.

I’m in! Unless something major comes up. I may drag my boyfriend along too.

I didn’t take into account that Dim sum would not be available in the afternoon or evening. Asimovian, Dr. Drake, what weekday/time are you suggesting for Dim Sum? That should be one of the options to vote on.

Let’s say Sunday 10 a.m. (Saturday 10 a.m.).

I’ll propose Sunday, Dec. 6, 10 a.m., at Ocean Seafood.

I’m not particularly wedded to this option, it’s just nice to have a specific proposal to reject / improve.

I am extremely partial to Empress Pavilion (and if anu-la1979 and Queen Bruin make an appearance in this thread, they might back me up on this), but I am open to whatever.

10am would definitely work for me, and is about the right balance between all the good food being out in the open versus things being so crowded that we’d have to wait forever.

I’m in, where and whenever.