LA Dopefest anyone?

I don’t know about anyone else (Well, yeah I do), but I want to have an LA fest. I just heard about one that fell apartand didn’t work for some reason. Well, I want this one to work, and I want to meet the local Dopers I haven’t met.

I know whomever suggests it plans it, but I’m gonna need a lot of help from those who know good areas and those who can drive (Since I don’t have insurance). I’ll need help from older people who know LA more than I do, and I’ll need input on dates that would be good for the greatest majority.

Come on, fellow LA Dopers…are we going to let those Chicago punks have a better fest than us? I say nay! Who’s with me??

your heart’s in the right place, and I admire that. But it has been my observation that we LA Dopers just aren’t very social. I don’t know what it is…the traffic? Are we just too cool? But the LA Doper contingent just doesn’t get too excited about “festing”.

I did see a thread the other day about Northern California and Southern California Dopers meeting in the middle (San Luis Obispo) sometime in July. Perhaps you should check that out?


Yea–I know southern Californians in general like to stay cooped up, especially in the suburban areas like where I live.

But I heard the last 'fest in Pasadena was fun. I didn’t get to go because it was a bit too far of a drive for me to make at the time. (I’m in Redlands, a little over an hour to the east on the I-10.)

I’m interested! If anyone else out there is willing.

I say we all go to a strip club.

Oh, wait, I’m sorry, Monster, you’re under age… too bad. I guess you’ll have to stay behind :smiley:

Shaddup Spoofe - Or I won’t invite you to my fest.

Ashtar - The PasaDopefest was a blast, but it was several months ago…I guess festing is addictive. I want to remeet all the dopers I have met, and meet those I haven’t.

Stoidela - We did have that last fest with 20 people attending, so I wouldn’t say we’re not very social. The NoCal/SoCal fest isn’t until July, so why wait until then? Besides, I’m hoping to pick up a ride to that fest at a previous SoCal fest (yeah yeah, self-serving interest, I know…but I wanna go to that fest, dagnammit!)

So we’ve got 1 person interested, 2 if you count Spazz over there.
Come on…DRY? pricciar?

Now that the Vegas thing is over, I’m REALLY ready for another party! :eek:

I wouldn’t say that So. Cal dopers are insular. We had a gathering at LACMA that was well-attended. The “do” at Universal was popular too. There were fewer people at The Block, but still an okay turnout. The only one that I’ve been to that didn’t get a crowd was the one at Ye Olde King’s Head in Santa Monica. Might have just been timing though.

I’d like to attend another Dopefest, but give me a week or two to recover from the holiday/convention season.

I’m up for it, Monster.

I tried to plan one for the holidays, but there wasn’t enough interest in it. Perhaps this will be better timing.

Stoidela: As others have said before in this thread and in my other DopeFest thread, there have been several other well-attended DopeFests in L.A., which proves your point wrong. We’re not too cool to attend one, but sometimes we’re too busy.

Yah, I think the holiday posting was just bad timing. Everyone was getting out of town, or looking for presents, so it didn’t work out as far as a DopeFest goes.

As, I often say, I am always up for one. The second week of Feb sounds good to me. It will be my birthday and that means everyone can buy me presents and get me drinks and get me bowls full of cherries.

Most of the DopeFests have had good turnouts, as Johnny said. And he would know, he has been to them all. I missed the one in Santa Monica, but the rest I think I have been able to make. I still want to go to that place, I long for good fish and chips, they are hard to find.


noticing the lack of enthusiasm the last time around.

Carry on!


February sounds pretty good. Pretty much any weekend is good for me, and will most likely be the best time for a fest.

We might not be able to accomodate everyone, but I want to pick the date that has the least conflicts. Tell me what days would be best (Preferably saturdays). Once we have a preliminary date, we can discuss where to go and about what time it should be at.

I missed at least one of them (the one in Pasadena).

The King’s Head has the best fish’n’chips I’ve tasted.

It would be nice to invite Melin and other Dopers/formerDopers who hand out at F3.

Funny…I thought I had posted to this to bump it earlier…oh well…

Ok, I want this to work. A nice little fest for us LA Dopers. I want to know if you can attend, when you want to do it, and where at.

Come on, there are several of you who haven’t posted yet. I’m not going to start naming names…yet.

What’s a dopefest? Is it where people on this board get together?

( I assume it wasn’t a heroin reference)

You hit the nail right on it’s poor little innocent undeserving head, Vincent


I’d like to attend the next 'fest. But I won’t be available from the 25th to the 28th. Going to be up north in the bay area doing gofer work at a convention. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anytime before or after that should be fine.


Ok…people interested so far:

Johnny LA

You can e-mail me at or post here to tell me if you’re interested or not.

Next, we have to figure out a date. Pricciar wants it in mid-late Feb, Ashtar is unavailable 25th-28th. I’m assuming Saturdays would be the best day. It looks like Feb 17th or Feb 24 are the best days in Feb, but we could also do it on March 3rd.

We also need a good place to gather. I’m thinking someplace like a steakhouse or some such. Anybody know of any good restaurants we could go to?

Monster104, I hope you don’t mind, but I crossposted this over to Fathom to get the folks over there involved.

here is the link.



Being up north quite a ways, I don’t have any idea about places that will be good for a big group like ours, so I really can’t add anything as far as the eating choice. Except to say. -I like pizza…

Well, my excuse is that I was too busy turning 21 for the last one. [sub]I know, it’s a lame excuse, but it’s the only one I’ve got…[/sub]

Personally, I would probably attend the next one, barring unforeseen conflicts. Though if you schedule it while Anime Expo’s in town (4th of July weekend, I’d imagine), then I’m busy. :slight_smile:

I’m up for it. Any Saturday would be good, so far as I know.

Anyone heard from Esprix? It would be nice to drag him up there.

Melin and I are in!

A dopefest? Gee, I dunno… :: ponder, ponder ::

Of course I’m in!

Where shall we meet? Is Universal Citywalk up again in the rotation?