LA Fest Part II - The Final Decisions

Ok, here’s the deal:

The Jerry’s in Universal City isn’t a full-sized restaurant, and wouldn’t be suitable for us.

We have two options: Stay in Citywalk but choose a different place -OR- Go with the Jerry’s in Studio City.

There are a few options available in Universal City, so I’ll give what info I have on them:

Gladstones: Seafood place, might be able to fit us, might be expensive.
Daily Grill Short Order: All-round restaurant with a variety of food. Don’t know the prices, but they don’t take reservations for Saturday nights. If we choose this, we would have to show up and hope to get us all seated or make a reservation at about 5 and wait until dinner (Which I’m not particularly keen on doing).
Tony Roma’s: Rib place, similar problems to Gladstones.

We could dump the City Walk theme and go to the Jerry’s in Studio City. This would probably be best, but on the 24th there is a large group reserved for 7:00 already. If we choose this, we might need to have a reservation for about 8-8:15.

What I think would be fun is if we choose the Jerry’s in Studio City. We would be having dinner late, but if people wanted to meet before dinner, they can go bowling in the attached alley. This way we still have a lot of time to chat and meet everyone, still have the good food and prices, and wouldn’t have to pay for parking. This is the idea I cast my vote for.

I’ll put in my vote for Jerry’s at Studio City. Sounds good to me.

BTW, the link to the old thread is:

Just for when it gets bumped away.

I like the idea of the food at the Daily Grill Short Order (sounds like my kinda place), but the reservations thing sounds a little weird. Still, it gets my vote, but I will acquiesce to the demands of the collective.


Well, I’ll be hosting AudreyK, so I kinda like City Walk since it’s more touristy, but I’ve heard it’s hell on weekends. Can anybody testify for or against this?

I vote for Jerry’s Deli.

I vote for Jerry’s Deli in Studio City and bowling. I suck at bowling, but it’s always SO much fun!

(I hate the crowds at Universal City Walk - ugh!)

And I’m bringing my baby sister with me. She just moved here today! :slight_smile:

I stink at bowling as well, but like I said in the other thread, I want to vote for Studio City Jerry’s. Anyway, most of the fun of bowling isn’t the bowling itself, it’s wearing those cool shoes. And making obscene hand shadows on the score thingy.

I like your idea of bowl and then eat, Monster. Great planning. I say run with that one.

Welcome to California, Shayna’s baby sis!

Will there be french fries so I can make a pirate ship? :smiley:
Yarr harrrharrr!

In the desire to get this settled and confirmed, reservations have been made at Jerry’s Deli in Studio City.

The address is 12655 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91604. Dinner reservations at 8:00, under the party of the L.A. Dopefest. I’m going to try and be there at 6:30 in the bowling alley (I have to check and see if this is ok with my ride), and I’ll probably bring some stupid gimmick to make it obvious who I am (Maybe a sign that says Cecil Adams or something).

I’m sending a confirmation e-mail out right now. Please respond to it ASAP. If you didn’t get an e-mail, e-mail me at or post here.

I’m planning to be there. I will know for sure by tomorrow morning after I check with the mrs.

Monster104, why don’t you wear a Cheesehead hat, popular with fans of the Green Bay Packers? We’ll be sure to recognize you then.

Provide me with a cheesehead hat, and I’ll wear it the whole evening.

Unless something greviously wrong happens between now and then–I’m there!

Still–the question does arise as to how we’ll recognize each other if we show up early. Some of you have pictures on the SD people pages–so I’ll be looking for some familiar faces!

As for me–Look for long red hair and a heavy black fisher’s coat.

Drive safely, everyone!

Well, I think I’ll be able to find a…unique way for everyone to find me. Maybe.

Monster, make sure the cops don’t drag you away until the rest of us have had a chance to gather 'round and introduce ourselves.

Ashtar, did you get a ride already? Yeah, you’re out there, but there’s an IMAX theater out your way (probably farther, even) showing some Cirque Du Soleil thing AudreyK and I want to see. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Well, see you all there.

I’m out in Redlands–ye remember? I think there -was- an Imax somewhere around here now that you mention it though…

I would be grateful if ya swung by to take me. I -can- drive myself if you don’t–but having a ride would make things a little simpler for me. I’d even pay for a share of the gasoline. Let me know if you’re still up to it. :slight_smile:

Well, since I’ll be there, too, so we’ll make sure to have something big set up. I’m thinking about putting up a bunch of signs on posterboard that say “Cecil wuz Here” and the like. I’d put up a “Dopers Unite” sign, but that may attract the wrong crowd…

Anyway, I’ll be primped, primed, locked, loaded, and ready to creep the shit out of people. Maybe I’ll bring my harpoon.

I’m coming! If anyone wants to/needs a ride, I’m coming from Pasadena.

e-mail me if interested.

Ski ya there :slight_smile:

Don’t tempt me! I might just try to dig one up. Though you can probably only buy those in Wisconsin.

Here you go, Arnold… :smiley: