NYC Dopefest

Over here, we tried to get a Dopefest going for the Northeastern regions of the U.S.A. Due to that silly rabbit and his psychadelic eggs, it was decided that this weekend wasn’t such a great idea, and near future ain’t lookin’ too hot either, for various reasons.

SO the idea was proposed to have a NYC Dopefest on Saturday, May 12th. No other detail have been finalized as of yet, but I’m sure the NYC resident members of the SDMB are in better positions to suggest adequate facilities.

Any takers?

I’m excited to be in a position where I can once again participate in the NYC Dope Social Scene. I had a time pressured apartment search, then move, then unpack. Ok, so we’re still not really unpacked. But we found the box with the kitchen stuff, so we don’t have to order pizza every night anymore.

Count me in for the 12th. I remember for the last big NYC dopefest, finding places that can accomodate large groups (as we are wont to be) was a bit of a logistical challenge. Of course, Dopers are not a crowd to back down from a challenge.

Count me in. Now the only decision is drive or train. And does someone know of either a cheap hotel or somewhere I could crash?

As usual, I’m a definite maybe.

If as many people come as in January, we need a big place. Like maybe Belmont Park. A day at the races? I’m am a definite maybe too.

My presence is still going to be dependant on whether I get a job when I come up in 2 weeks or not (and I’m still open to ANY leads! :slight_smile: ) As the time draws nearer, I’ll be a little better placed to give a definite yes or no. But if I can manage to be moved to the area by the 12th, I’m there with bells on!

[sub]Note to self, buy bells![/sub]

ARGH, I totally KNOW I won’t be able to make this one. Damn you. Damn you all.

May’s busy for me but I have nothing (that I know of!) planned on the 12th after about 5pm or so, so count me in as another definite maybe!

I’d be up for a May 12 Dopefest.

Perhaps this time we can get a resturant that has a private room or something like that. I’ll do some checking around.

I also might be again willing to sponsor some sightseeing and brunch type events.

Hey, I’d be there, but I haven’t gotten my business trip cleared yet. . .

Falcon just take 17 North into Paramus and further - plenty of hotels.

I’m in!I don’t think chumley’s would have us back, but I really liked the village idiot for afterwards…

It’ll all depend on my health. I hope to be all better by May 12th.

So should I wear an outfit suitable for dancing atop the bar?

Dancing atop the bar or sliding drunkenly beneath the bar, whichever you prefer.

Well, the great–or really frightening, depending on how you look at it–thing about me is I don’t even drink. I can be absolutely crazy without the addition of any alcohol whatsoever.

Oh, great! The only thing worse than peeling drunks up from under the bar is peeling sober people up from under the bar. :wink:

Hey, at least I’m a cheap date.

I’m not so sure, **Geobabe[/r]. My definition of a cheap date is someone who gets drunk after just a drink or two. The non-drinkers I’ve gone out with have always presented some more interesting challenges.

Particularly if I need to impress her with my coding skills. :rolleyes:

Hey, May 12th is my birthday! That would be a cool way to spend it. Count me in.