I'm visiting New York in early November - Dopefest?

This will be my first trip to the Big Apple (and only my second across the pond). I’m visiting friends so won’t exactly be at a loose end but wondered if any NY dopers fancied meeting up for drinks/dinner. I’m in NY from the 5th to the 12th so thought maybe Friday 7th would be a good date. Suggestions on venues would be good too - I’m staying in Manhatten.

What say you all? :slight_smile:

Phooey. I’ll be in NYC for a few days at the end of October… I’m just off by a week, dagnabbit. Have a drink or two on my behalf… by then I’ll be back in Toronto, sobbing brokenheartedly at missing out on the fun. :slight_smile:

I’m up for it!

Fridays are out for me, I’m afraid (and Wednesdays and Thursdays too!). This weekend would be fine though, or Monday or Tuesday. I live on the island though, so I’m not much more savvy about venues than you are, I’ll leave that to more local dopers. Dinner and/or drinks is cool. I did also want to see the film “The Fall” next time I was in Manhattan but I guess films aren’t quite as social.

I’ve never been to a Dopefest, but have really wanted to. I’m up for it! I might even be able to suggest a venue or two…

If I’m free, I’ll join you.

Throw a rock and you’ll hit a venue.

I might be able to make it.

How about hitting the Times Square Juniors?

I haven’t been to an NYC dopefest in an age and a half. I’m in!

I’ll tell Billdo to check this thread out. He organized several of the old mega-NYC dopefests. While I doubt he’s up for organizing, I’m sure he’ll have some great ideas.

Well I’d love to have **Jackdivinci **along, so would everyone be happy with the Monday to accommodate him? Annie Xmas - that looks like quite a nice venue and one we could all find pretty easily. As a non-drinker I’m quite up for non-alcohol related places.

Can I suggest you request a thread title change to the date and maybe time. It will help.

I wish I could make it, but weekdays are tough for me. I might try anyway. Is there any chance of parking near there?

It’s a good NYC deli, and it has the best cheesecake on the planet. There are outside tables, though it might be too cold that time of year.

Ooh, I’m up for it! I love Juniors and dopefests are always a blast so you can count me in.

Yaaaaaaay! It would be great to meet you pbbth! :slight_smile:

Might be? You’ll freeze your tuchus off, is what you’ll do.

I’m there, if we sit inside.

I know, right? :wink: It’ll be great to meet you too! I love meeting dopers and having a face to put with the online pseudonym.

I am in agreement about eating inside at Juniors…the cold will be a bit too much to hang out outdoors.

Monday? I must have missed something. Why not the weekend?

I may be able to come, depending on the time. And, you know, if people have any idea who I am. :wink:

I’d like to go, though I don’t know about Mondays as I work late during the week.

Okay well Jackdivinci can’t make Fridays but most people seem to prefer the weekend - I don’t mind either way but if people could indicate a preference I think we can then pick a date and I’ll ask the mods to change the thread title to make it more prescriptive.

Just to reiterate that it’s November I’m talking about, not next week!


It seems people prefer the weekend, so would people prefer Friday 7th or Saturday 8th? Let me know and I’ll start a new thread with time/date/location (I think Juniors sounds like a great venue). Sorry you won’t be able to make it jackdavinci.